3 Things You Didn’t Know about Trenchless Technology

October 21st, 2014

The entrance of trenchless technology into residential plumbing has made a significant difference in the work involved in replacing sewer lines and water mains. The standard digging techniques used for decades tear open lawns and gardens and inflict significant amounts of property damage. They also take many days to complete. But plumbers with trenchless technology and the skill to apply it can sweep in and perform a sewer or water line replacement in less than a day, and leave the property virtually untouched.

Not every plumbing contractor offers “no dig” line replacement, however. When you need to have a new water main or sewer line put in, make sure you find a contractor in Media, PA with trenchless pipe replacement technology. Start by calling Resolve Rooter, where trenchless pipe replacement is one of our specialties.

A few things you probably don’t know about trenchless technology

  • It does involve a bit of digging: Although often called “no dig” technology, trenchless pipe replacement does require a small excavation—although it’s inconsequential and will do almost no damage to the property. The plumbers must dig a small hole near where the water or sewer line passes under the property line in order to attach the hydraulics onto the older pipe and draw through the replacement pipe liner. Once the job is finished, the plumbers will fill in this small hole and re-landscape it.
  • It was developed for mining: Using trenchless technology for homes is a fairly recent innovation. It was originally invented as a method for lateral mining. It was first known as “horizontal auger boring” and was used in the coal mining industry starting in the 1930s. In these early days, before the technology advanced farther, it was principally applied in softer soils, such as sand and gravel. After the 1940s, trenchless technology entered the sphere of civil engineering where it was useful in laying gas pipelines over long distances without disturbing the environment.
  • It usually requires only a few hours: Trenchless technology is complicated and needs special training to perform, which is why not all plumbing companies can offer the service. However, once plumbers have the techniques down solid, the work moves fast, and a job can take as little as a few hours from the time the plumbers arrive at a home until the water comes back on. It’s a huge difference from the days that standard trench-digging takes up.

We take pride in a being a leader in trenchless technology.

The choice should be clear when you need water or sewer line work done: call for trenchless pipe replacement in Media, PA and the surrounding areas from Resolve Rooter.

What Is Involved in Whole-Home Repiping?

October 20th, 2014

Sometimes the best solution for numerous plumbing troubles in a home is to have the entire network of aging pipes taken out and replaced with new materials in a more effective layout. This is a common repair job for homes built before 1970, and even more frequent for homes built before World War II, when most pipes were constructed from galvanized steel, a metal prone to corrosion.

If your plumbing seems always plagued with leaks, clogs, high water pressure, discolored water, and other hassles, you should call on the King of Prussia, PA repiping experts at Resolve Rooter. We will make the process go fast and with as little disruption to your home and daily routines as possible.

What occurs with whole-house repiping

We won’t try to deceive you: whole-house repiping is a major project, one of the largest that any home may require. That doesn’t mean it has to be a nightmare, however. If you bring on experienced plumbers who have done numerous whole-house repiping jobs in the past, the work should go smoothly and soon leave you with a plumbing system that will work well for many decades.

The first thing plumbers do for a repiping job is to determine the materials they will use to replace the old pipes. Copper is the favored metal because it is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, easy to work with, and flexible enough that it won’t break under pressure. The repipers will combine copper lines with types of plastic, such as PEX and CPVC, which are durable and useful to fit into tight spaces. The professionals will map out what type of pipes will go where so that you end up with the most efficient new plumbing system possible.

The actual repiping work will move in stages through the rooms so that you won’t have to lose use of large parts of your home all at once. Although it will take longer to complete the full job this way, you will find it a more convenient arrangement. The plumbers will focus on one area and excavate through building material to access the older pipes. They will also make sure they know the precise location of all the pipes so to limit the damage to drywall and floorboards. Once the pipes are removed and replaced with the new material, the plumbers will replace building material and resurface the area.

The process will take a few days as the plumbers move from room to room in your home. Once the process is completed, you will have a new plumbing system and little evidence that the plumbers were even there.

Of course, this level of success depends on the quality of the plumbers you hire for the job. Inexperienced plumbers or amateurs will take longer, may damage your home, and will probably install faulty pipes that work little better than the old ones.

If you are in need of repiping, make sure you seek experience and skill for your repiping in King of Prussia, PA: contact Resolve Rooter!

Resolve Rooter Delivers Top Notch Trenchless Jobs

October 15th, 2014

Do you have a large scale sewer or water line job that you need done, but you don’t want your property and lawn torn up in the process? Here at Resolve Rooter we pride ourselves in doing trenchless jobs the right way without tearing up a lawn or having to dig large, unsightly trenches. With the new technology and a little of our expertise you can have the work you need done without the usual property damage that’s incurred during subterranean work. Resolve Rooter Trenchless Job

Do you have a large scale water line or sewer line job that requires coordination with local municipalities? We have experience doing that! Do you have to go under a state highway or city property? Resolve can help with any of these jobs and more, and we even offer great financing options. Main water line replacement and trenchless technology go hand in hand, why dig a trench when you can take advantage of this new technology. It will have your water flowing and your problem fixed without all the hassle.Resolve Rooter Highlands Job

Call us today and find out why we are the experts and why our Bucks County and Montgomery County customers trust us with even the biggest of jobs, if you want to get the job done with minimal damage to your property then call us today!

The Difference That Intelligent Water Heaters Can Make

October 14th, 2014

A water heater doesn’t just have to be a water heater: advances in technology have developed “intelligent water heaters” that have greatly extended lives and precautions to stop damage from accidental leaks. You will have less worry from your water heater suffering from early corrosion and needing a replacement before you get the most use out of it.

If you are interested in installation of an intelligent water heater in Scranton, PA, you cannot turn to just any company. Resolve Rooter has teamed up with Performance Metals to offer intelligent water heaters for customers looking for a system that is easier to maintain than a standard water heater, with an Intelligent Anode™ and additional protection against leaks. Call us today to learn more about these advanced options for receiving hot water in your home.

What makes an intelligent water heater different

In order to delay corrosion entering a water heater’s tank, each unit comes equipped with an anode rod that attracts corrosion to it instead of the tank. This rod eventually “sacrifices” itself by deteriorating from corrosion in place of the tank. But there is a problem with this method: once the rod is depleted (which takes about 5–6 years), corrosion will then have free reign to affect the tank. Regular maintenance will usually catch this and replace the anode in time—but not always, and corrosion can start to affect the tank even before the rod is depleted.

The Intelligent Anode™ inside an intelligent water heater takes away the uncertainty and flaws of the standard sacrificial anode rod. When the anode rod is approaching the end of its service life, it will let out an audible signal that it is time to call for professional replacement. This small difference—taking care of the anode rod early—can sometimes double the average lifespan of a water heater.

In addition to the Intelligent Anode™, intelligent water heaters have leak monitors so you won’t have to use clues and guesswork to discover that the system has started to leak. An automatic shut off valve will turn off the water heater when it detects leaking, so even if you aren’t home you will have protection thanks to the leak monitor.

Contact us for intelligent water heater services

You can have a new intelligent water heater in Scranton, PA installed for your home, or you can call Resolve Rooter to retro-fit your current water heater for this technology.

We take pride in the services we offer, and we will provide you with a free estimate for whatever work you need done. Make us your first call for all your water heater needs.

Is “No Dig” Technology the Same as Trenchless Technology?

October 13th, 2014

You might have heard about “no dig” technology for replacing residential water and sewer lines. Instead of relying on massive digging equipment to rip open yards and lawns to reach the buried pipes, “no dig” methods can access the old and damaged pipes and replacing them in a way that leaves the property around a home looking that same as before.

You may have also heard about trenchless technology, which also can perform sewer line and water line replacement work without tearing open deep trenches. Is this the same thing a “no dig” technology?

The simple answer: “yes.” However, “no dig” technology actually does involve a bit of digging—but nothing that will ruin your yard, gardens, or walkways. The work of trenchless technology is so speedy and unobtrusive that it might as well be a “no dig” job.

Not all companies offer no dig technology in Hatboro, PA and the surrounding areas, but Resolve Rooter does. Call us when you need water and sewer line replacement, and we will put the best in trenchless technology to work for you.

Here’s how a “no dig” project works:

The technicians come to a home and detach the line requiring replacement from where it enters the house. Then they locate the spot where the pipeline passes across the property line and out to municipal system (where it is no longer the concern of the homeowners, but of the utility company). The trenchless experts make a small excavation at this point—the only digging done during “no dig”—to reach the end of the pipe. They disconnect it and hook up a hydraulic device to open pipe. The hydraulics then draws a pipe liner through from the other end, setting it in place. A “pipe burster” is dragged via chain through the pipe liner, expanding it so that it shatters the older pipe, and the liner replaces it as the new pipe. The technicians attach the new pipe in the house and outside, and all they have to do to cover all traces that they were ever there is to fill in and re-landscape the small hole.

In all, the process requires a few hours, and the property looks the same as it did before, as if no digging were done at all. Compare that to the multiple days it takes to perform standard pipe replacement, and the huge trenches that shred up the property, and you can see why people are turning to “no dig” technology instead to get the job done.

Resolve Rooter is ready to take on your sewer line or water line replacement job with our no dig technology in Hatboro, PA. Contact us today!

Is Trenchless Technology Right for Every Water Line Repair?

October 8th, 2014

What is trenchless technology? It’s an advance in plumbing that originally started in the hard rock mining industry as a way to laterally bore through rock, and which eventually moved into the world of residential plumbing. Thanks to trenchless technology, plumbers no longer need to rip open the yard of a home in order to reach a damaged water line for repairs or replacements. Instead, they only need to dig one or two small holes to access the end of the pipeline, then slip a new pipeline inside it using a hydraulic device. Afterwards, a “pipe bursters” travels through the new line, expanding it so it breaks apart the old pipe and replacing it. The plumber only needs to fill in the small excavated sections to restore a home to the way it was before—and the job usually only requires one day of work.

At Resolve Rooter, we support trenchless technology as one of the most effective ways to have water line repairs done. But does this mean that every problem with a water line requires calling for trenchless work? Not necessarily. When you contact us, we will find the most effective and speediest way to do the repair work. Whether you need trenchless water line repair in Allentown, PA or some other type of repair work, you can trust in our trained technicians.

Options for water line repairs

Trenchless technology is most effective for larger repair problems with a water main, such as a significant break in the pipe resulting in water rising up onto your yard of through the sidewalk. It is also the best way to handle a full water line replacement, which is often necessary if you live in an older home with a water line made from outdated material (steel, iron) the will start to corrode and lead to leaks and a contaminated water supply.

However, plumbers can investigate smaller water line troubles and find that there are even simpler solutions to the problem than using trenchless technology. For example, infiltration of roots into a water line—a common problem—can be eliminated with some basic, non-intrusive procedures if it is caught in time. This is why you should always call professionals for assistance the moment you notice anything amiss with the water coming from the municipal supply (low water pressure, discoloration, etc.).

In most cases, trenchless water line repair in Allentown, PA is the best option: with experts handling the work, it will go fast and provide almost no disruption to your property or your daily routines.

For the best in trenchless technology from a team with years of experience, call the professionals at Resolve Rooter.

How High Pressure Water Jetting Protects Your Plumbing

October 6th, 2014

One of the ways to maintain a healthy plumbing system in your business is to keep the pipes as clean as possible. Unfortunately, the wastewater pipes in a business are under a constant assault from the debris that goes down them, particularly from soap scum, hair, and organic material like grease, fat and oil. Build-up over time will threaten plumbing with issues such as slow drains, clogs, and spikes in water pressure, all of which can lead to disastrous flooding and backup in the fixtures.

Drain cleaning will take care of these issues, and the best method available for this is using high pressure water, also known as hydro-jetting. No other drain cleaning technique is so effective and yet so safe for your plumbing.

The benefits of high pressure water jetting

Hydro-jetting works by scouring the inside of a pipe with a stream of water placed at extremely high pressure (usually in excess of 7000 psi). The hydro-jetting equipment uses a motor to put water at high pressure, and it then blasts out through a long hose that a plumber sends down into drains. The water passes through a special nozzle that directs the high pressure spray in different directions to affect as much of the interior of the drain or sewer line as possible.

This powerful action will eliminate almost any kind of contamination that can develop inside a pipe: grease, soap scum, even mineral deposits from hard water. It will also pose no threat to the pipes themselves, which gives it an advantage over rooters, which if used improperly can break through pipes. In addition to eliminating issues from build-up inside pipes, high pressure water jetting provides such a complete cleaning that it will help prevent the debris from returning. The piping will be in “like-new” condition after professionals finish with hydro-jetting.

And we have to emphasize professionals. You cannot purchase water jetting equipment and use it on your own. Although high pressure water jetting is safe for your pipes, it isn’t safe for you or your employees. Water at pressures above 7000 psi can be very harmful, and professionals are not only specially trained to use the equipment so it poses little danger, but they also wear special gear and protective eyewear to keep themselves safe while doing the work.

If your business’ plumbing is suffering from an accumulation of gunk, sewage, and other troublesome issues, the answer may be to schedule high pressure water jetting in New Jersey from Resolve Rooter. We will handle all the drain and sewer jetting necessary to give you the healthy plumbing your commercial property depends on.

For fast and effective high pressure water jetting in New Jersey for your commercial property, call on the technologically experienced team at Resolve Rooter today.

How to Tell that Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Is the Right Service for Your Home

October 1st, 2014

If you have ever seen a residential property undergoing sewer line repair or replacement work, you’ll have an idea of what an enormous task it is and how much labor and time it requires. Because sewer lines and buried beneath the property around a house, heavy digging equipment must tear open a trench to allow the plumbers to access the old line. This trenches must run from the side of the house all the way to the edge of property line where the sewer pipe enters the municipal system. The digging does extensive damage to lawns, yards, gardens, walkways, and may take a few days to complete… and many months before the property is restored to its original state.

There is another option, however, and not all plumbing companies have the equipment or knowledge to perform it: trenchless technology. If you want trenchless sewer line replacement in Media, PA instead of a huge excavation project, call the technicians at Resolve Rooter. We specialize in trenchless technology.

You may think, “But is trenchless replacement possible for my home?” After all, most homes still use standard digging for pipe replacement, and the idea of replacing any underground pipe without opening up a large trench to read it sounds strange.

However, trenchless is the right service if you need to have an old sewer line replaced. The technique is actually a simple one: the plumbers place a pipe liner through the old sewer line pipe from an access point inside the house. They then dig a small hole at the edge of the property line that permits them to reach the other end of the pipeline. A hydraulic device pulls the pipe liner all the way through the old pipe and sets it in place. Then a “pipe burster” is forced through the line on a chain, expanding the liner to burst apart the old pipe. The liner takes the shattered pipe’s place and becomes the new sewer line. The whole process can be done in only a few hours.

So why doesn’t every home have this service done if it’s always the optimal choice to digging? It’s because not all plumbing companies can handle the work. It requires special equipment and training, and only contractors dedicated to the service offer it.

At Resolve Rooter, we take pride in our extensive work using trenchless technology.

You will have a hard time finding a company in Media, PA for trenchless line replacement with more skill and experience than us. When you need to put in a new sewer line (or water line), call us right away.

How to Minimize the Impact of Repiping on Your Home

September 29th, 2014

Repiping a home (also called “replumbing”) is often necessary to replace the worn and outdated plumbing common for houses built pre-1970. Galvanized steel, once the most common material for plumbing, tends to corrode over time, and now copper and various plastic pipes such as CPVC and PEX are preferred for their durability and flexibility. Lead pipes and cast iron pipes are common in pre-World War II homes, and these should also be replaced. Repiping is sometimes required to replace plumbing systems that were poorly installed in the first place and which suffer from constant leaking, or for plumbing that has sustained irreparable damage from hard water.

A repiping job is one of the large plumbing installations you might need for a home, and the potential for the work to disrupt your living space is large.

How to make repiping in your home easier

The essential step to lower that effect of a repiping job is to entrust the work to the best professionals you can find. Do not go with amateurs. You must not only hire licensed plumbers, but licensed plumbers with extensive experience performing plumbing installation jobs and knowledgeable about the high-end equipment to make the work possible without damaging your home. For example, trenchless pipe replacement makes the job of replacing water and sewer lines—both of which are buried down beneath your property—possible without extensive digging.

Professionals will begin a job with a thorough inspection of the plumbing in a home to locate all the pipes and find the easiest way to access them without large-scale disruption to the building material. The plumbers will need to cut open sections of drywall and flooring to reach the older pipes, but the thorough job planning and use of technology will kept this intrusive work down to a minimum. You can expect the work to take 2 to 3 days, during which the plumbers will make every effort to keep your water running.

Contact us for repiping and other plumbing installation services

You can trust to Resolve Rooter for your repiping in Princeton, whether for a small area or for your entire home. We will perform a free plumbing inspection to help you decide if you need repiping, and we offer flat rate pricing so you always know what you will pay before the work starts. We have 35 years of experience handling plumbing jobs large and small.

When you need repiping in Princeton, NJ, come to an experienced team familiar with the job and with technology to do it fast while protecting your home: Resolve Rooter.

How Trenchless Technology Helps You with Electrical Conduit Installation

September 24th, 2014

If you know about trenchless technology, you probably think of it primarily in connection with plumbing. Trenchless “no-dig” technology allows skilled plumbers with the right equipment to replace worn and damaged sewer and water lines without using enormous trench-digging equipment that tears open yards and lawns for almost a week. Using a pipe liner and a hydraulic system to pull the liner through the older damaged pipe, followed by a “pipe-burster” drawn through the the new pipe liner to expand it and burst apart the old pipe, trenchless technology only requires technicians to make a few holes in a homeowner’s property to get the job done.

But trenchless technology has more applications than for plumbing; in fact, it was originally invented as a way to facilitate mining. One of the most useful applications that Resolve Rooter offers in Pennsylvania is electrical conduit installation. Contact us today to learn more about how we handle this beneficial service.

Electrical Conduits and Trenchless Technology

The outbuildings around a home, such as supply sheds and barns, may not receive electrical power from your house. Although you can set up generators to provide them with electricity, a more convenient long-term solution is to run power lines from your home out to these structures. You can mount the wires overhead, but this is unattractive-looking and creates the danger of the lines falling during a storm. A better option is to rely on trenchless lateral burrowing to lay the conduits underground. The task takes only a short time to perform and will leave your property with electrical lines that are protected from the elements and removed from where they can cause harm if something goes wrong.

When you contact trenchless technology professionals for installing electrical conduits, the technicians will first help you pick the right conduits for the job (flexible, rigid, etc.) and then handle the work so it is done correctly and safely. You should have little worries once the job is finished. However, should you ever require repair work performed or underground conduits replaced, make sure that you contact the same professionals to take care of the task. Not only are the technicians necessary to access the conduits with trenchless technology, but you should never attempt electrical repairs of any sort on your own.

Trenchless technology is one of our specialties at Resolve Rooter.

Resolve Rooter handles sewer and water line installation and replacement, and we will assist you with electrical conduit installation in Pennsylvania whenever you need it.