How Long Has Trenchless Technology Been Around?

July 24th, 2014

The advance of the technology of trenchless pipe replacement into the world of residential plumbing has caused a major change in the way that people think about the work done on a home’s water and sewer lines. Instead of ripping open a yard using power digging equipment and turning the front of a home into something resembling “No Man’s Land” during World War I for at least three days, trenchless technology permits skilled plumbers to finish the job in only hours, a excavating only one or two small holes.

Trenchless pipe replacement isn’t a recent innovation, however. It is only recently that experienced plumbing companies have brought it into homes, but the technology has a few decades of history in industrial use behind it, followed by its use in civil engineer. In many ways, it’s remarkable that you can have the power of trenchless technology in Media, PA for your home—but thanks to the plumbing professionals at Resolve Rooter, it’s a mere phone call away.

The development of trenchless technology

Sometimes called “horizontal auger boring,” trenchless technology started in the coal mining industry in the 1930s. It was in 1941 that Kandal Motors first manufactured a machine they could market commercially to other mining operations. During these early days, horizontal auger boring was many used in softer soils like sand and gravel, with less pressure put on the replacement pipes.

As the technology developed to allowing pipe placement in heavier material, it entered the sphere of civil engineering, where it allowed construction workers to replace water, sewer, and electrical conduit pipelines in urban areas without needing to rip open roads and disrupt traffic. Soon, the technology was put to use in wilderness areas so that running pipelines to supply distant towns with natural gas did not need to damage sensitive environments. As the technology improved, the costs also decreased, and soon horizontal auger boring was the far less expensive option than full excavation, requiring reduced time and labor.

Today, trenchless technology remains one of the fastest growing areas in construction and civil engineering. Not all residential plumbers have adopted the family of tools and methods necessary to perform trenchless pipe replacement, but those that have can give their customers a fast, non-intrusive method to solve issues with water and sewer lines.

When you need the advantages of trenchless technology in Media, PA, call the team at Resolve Rooter.

We offer comprehensive services for water and sewer line replacement, as well as electric conduit installation—all while leaving the outside of your home pristine.

Isn’t the Utility Company Responsible for Sewer Line Replacement?

July 24th, 2014

We are accustomed to thinking that the utility company is responsible for all waste disposal from our houses. The wastewater that leaves a home enters into the municipal sewer system, where it heads to a sewage treatment plant… and all of that falls under the jurisdiction of your local utility company and isn’t your concern…

Except, not quite. The same way that you must move your trash containers to the side of the street so the sanitation truck can pick them up, your house has to move wastewater from under your property and to the municipal sewer line for the utility company to take care of it. The part that runs under your property is your responsibility when it comes to repairs and replacements.

However, this doesn’t mean that you personally have to replace your home’s sewer line if it should burst. You shouldn’t even try: this is a job for professional plumbers with the finest equipment. When you need sewer line replacement in Newtown, PA done fast and right, contact Resolve Rooter.

Sewer line repair and replacement responsibility

In most jurisdictions, the sewer line from where it leaves a house to the point where it crosses over the property line is the responsibility of the homeowner. In some areas, the responsibility lasts until the sewer line enters the municipal sewer line that runs down the center of the street.

Should your sewer line burst, causing flooding onto your yard, blockages in all the drains, or damage to your home’s foundation or basement, it generally will need a complete replacement rather than repairs. Fortunately, sewer line replacement today no longer requires having large trenches dug across your yard and a span of three or more days to complete. Trenchless sewer line replacement allows skilled plumbers to excavate only one small hole—at the point right before the pipe leaves the property line—and then use a pipe liner pulled through the old sewer line with hydraulics to shatter and replace the damaged pipe. The process only requires a few hours to finish, and afterwards you’ll have a brand new sewer line that will last for decades.

So even though you don’t have the aid of the utility company when it comes to sewer line replacement in Newtown, PA, you do have the aid of Resolve Rooter. Call us today. 

How Plumbers Detect Leaks

July 17th, 2014

Leaks are surprisingly difficult to find inside homes. Although a leak inside a pipe can lead to extensive damage to building material and a large waste of water, because most pipes are hidden behind walls and in floors they are often tricky to locate until they have become a serious problem.

Professional plumbers use a variety of tools and tactics to find the hidden leaks in your home. As soon as you sense a leak issue is occurring in your home (high water bills, increased indoor humidity, discoloration along the walls, floorboard warping), you need to make a call to an experienced company like Resolve Rooter right away. Our skilled plumbers provide expert plumbing services in Media, PA to help you find leaks with precision that will allow us to preform repairs fast and with little disruption to your home.

Professional Leak Detection

  • Visual inspection: The professional plumbers’ best leak detection tools are their own experienced eyes. Plumbers know how to trace the plumbing in a home, follow the signs from dampness and spots along the wall, and places where mold and mildew have developed. Before any of the high-tech devices come out, the plumber will already have the search area narrowed down.
  • Listening equipment: Sound detection equipment that work similar to medical stethoscopes are one of the most helpful tools plumbers have for find leaks. Discs placed on surfaces that permit the plumbers to hear the smallest noise of water escaping from a pipe through thick concrete slabs make the process of leak detection fast and accurate.
  • Video pipe inspection: When it comes to pinpoint precisely where a leak is occurring, using miniaturized cameras on long fiber-optic cables are unsurpassed. The cameras, fed down through drains and other access points, send back clear images to monitors so the plumber can analyze the conditions inside the pipe. Not only does this allow for accurate locating, but it also tells the plumber exactly what kind of leak he or she is dealing with and what methods (sealing, replacement) will do the job. Nothing reduces the amount of time necessary for plumbing repair like effective video pipe inspection.

Call for the Professionals

You cannot let even the slightest suspicion of leaks in your pipes go without remedy: call for an licensed plumbing company as soon as possible. Using their training and the best equipment, the professionals can pinpoint all the leaks plaguing your plumbing and fix them.

Resolve Rooter is ready to find and repair your leaky plumbing in Media, PA any time of the day or night. Don’t wait for the leaks to worsen and spread: call us today for our experienced leak detection and leak repair time now!

Stages of Water Line Replacement in Bensalem

July 15th, 2014

Corrosion, leaks, and full ruptures in a water line can deprive your home of the vital running water it needs. Without this line effectively carrying potable water from the municipal source, you can’t shower, bathe, clean, do laundry, or cook. If your water line shows signs that it needs replacement, call a company like Resolve Rooter that can perform trenchless pipe replacement in a hurry and return your fresh water to you.

What is “trenchless technology”? It’s a development in pipe replacement through lateral digging instead of ripping open trenches by digging straight down. It started in industrial use in the 1930s and began to expand in the 1960s. It is now available for residential services, but not all plumbing companies have the necessary equipment to perform it. If you want water line replacement service in Bensalem, PA done fast and without needing to turn your front yard to something that looks like a battle zone, make sure you arrange for trenchless “no dig” work from skilled plumbers.

Stages of a Trenchless Water Line Replacement

First, the plumbers enter your home and locate where the outside water line comes through the wall. They shut off the water and detach the line from the interior plumbing.

Second, the plumbers find the spot outside your home where the water pipe leaves your property line and passes out into the municipal system (the point at which it becomes the responsibility of the utility company). The only digging that occurs happens here: the pipe replacement specialists excavate a small hole to reach the end of the water line, where they detach it from the municipal system.

Third, from the inside of the house, the plumbers insert the new pipe line within the old one; at this point, the new pipe is not in expanded form and can fit fully within the original pipe.

Fourth, outside, the plumbers attach a hydraulic machine to the end of the old pipe. This device pulls the new pipe all the way through the old one and aligns it in place.

Fifth, from the inside of the house, the plumbers send a “pipe burster” through the new line, which forcibly expands it, causing the old damaged pipe to shatter and the new one to take its place.

Sixth, the pipe is reconnected both inside the house and outside to the municipal line. The plumbers fill in the excavation and re-landscape it to cover up any evidence they were there.

Call for Pipe Replacement Right Away!

When you notice a severe drop in water pressure, total loss of water throughout your house, or water bursting up through your yard, call for help as soon as you can. If it isn’t an issue with the utility company, turn to Resolve Rooter for the trenchless water line replacement in Bensalem, PA that will fix the problem fast and without wrecking your property. Call us today.

3 Things to Look for in a Reliable Plumbing Service

July 11th, 2014

Finding a plumber once was as easy as opening the yellow pages to the “P” section. Now it’s even easier with Internet search engines that can quickly list dozens of plumbers within a few miles of you. But you should never pluck up the first name on a list and decide to hand over your plumbing issues to a company you barely know. Instead, do a bit more research to find a truly reliable company that will handle the job fast and accurately.

Here are 3 qualities to look for in a Trenton, NJ plumbing service. Resolve Rooter lives up to all of these specifications, so make us the top of your list when you need plumbing help: installation, maintenance, repairs.

Looks for These Qualities in the Plumbing Service You Hire

  1. 24-hour emergency service: Plumbing problems wait for no one, and you can expect that some of the worst issues that can assault your home’s plumbing will occur at inconvenient times of the day and night. When you have an overflowing toilet at 9 p.m. on a Sunday, or a clogged shower at 6 a.m. on a Tuesday, do you want to wait until office hours start before a plumber is dispatched to help? Look for a plumbing service that offers round-the-clock and round-the-week emergency assistance.
  2. Offers trenchless technology: This is a way to tell that a plumbing service is on the cutting edge of plumbing advances. Although you may not need to have sewer and water line replacements that use the “no dig” trenchless advantages, a plumbing service that provides this is one that takes customer satisfaction seriously and is up-to-date with the newest plumbing methods. And should you need water and sewer line replacement, you’ll be thankful for the tremendous advantages of trenchless technology that leaves the front of your house intact.
  3. At least a decade of experience: You should only consider trained, professional plumbers for your needs… but it’s even better to have trained, professional plumbers who have plenty of “in the field” experience. Watch out for companies that don’t have many years of work backing them up, and instead look for a company with at least ten years of experience that shows it has earned the trust of customers.

Resolve Rooter has worked in the plumbing business for over 15 years now, and we specialize in trenchless technology that will take care of major plumbing work in only a fraction of the time and cost that it would with older line replacement techniques. We are ready to assist your with your needs for plumbing in Trenton, NJ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today.

How to Get Rid of Sewer Flies

July 10th, 2014

You maintain a clean house and keep windows and doors shut, but you start to notice tiny flies swarming around one of the sinks in your home. These are sewer flies, also known as drain flies, and they are one of the more unpleasant problems you can encounter with your plumbing. Fortunately, eliminating them is not difficult, especially if you have the assistance of professional plumbers who can treat the problem that has brought the flies in the first place.

Here are some steps to take to eliminate these pests. If you’re in need of drain cleaning service to help you get rid of sewer flies in your home in Westminster, PA, call Resolve Rooter. We have experience with all types of drainage and sewer issue that affect homes, and we can get rid of the flies and keep them from returning.

What to Do About Sewer Flies

First, don’t use spray pesticide! You do not want toxic chemicals covering one of your household sinks. The spray will only temporarily fix the problem of the flies without doing anything about the cause of the infestation.

Sewer flies appear because of organic material trapped down in a sink, making them a common trouble for kitchen sinks. To effectively deal with sewer flies, you must clean out the drains to get rid of the source that attracted the flies. Identify the drain where you think the flies are coming from, and dry out the area around it thoroughly at night. If the flies are still there the next day, then you know the issue is coming from the drain, and not from a source somewhere around the sink. Now place a few strands of tape over the drain (don’t cover it entirely) with the sticky side down. Look at the tape after a few days, and if there are flies caught on the tape, then you have successfully identified the problem and which sink it’s coming from.

If the drain isn’t one that receives regular use (i.e. it is in a guest bathroom), pour two gallons of warm water down the drain. This will eliminate the dryness that can have attracted the flies in the first place. For dry drains, this will usually solve the problem.

If you still have flies, don’t give into the temptation to pour a liquid cleaner down the drain; you want to have clean drains to eliminate the source of the drain flies, but these cleaners are dangerous and caustic, and can seriously damage drainpipes. This is when you should call in a professional plumber to handle a thorough drain cleaning with a motorized drain snake or hydro-jetting. The plumbers will also apply an insect growth regulator to stop insect breeding and keep the flies from returning.

It’s a good idea to keep up with regular drain cleaning once you have eliminated the sewer flies. If you know you have drains susceptible to these pests, schedule drain cleaning from professionals a few times a year to keep away sewer flies in Westminster, PA. You can call Resolve Rooter to help solve the problem, any time of the day or night.

Some Common Causes for Sewer Line Breaks

July 4th, 2014

The sewer line is the pipe that gathers the wastewater from all the drains in your home and carries it underground to the municipal system in the center of the street. Although built of sturdy material, this line can sometimes break, which will lead to a serious situation that requires professional plumbers to fix. When you notice drains backing up throughout your home or see water puddles with a sewage smell emerging onto your yard, call for plumbers right away… you may have a sewer line break.

Resolve Rooter can handle your sewer line replacement in Yardley, PA using time- and money-saving trenchless technology. Give us a call when any of these problems create a break in your sewer line:

Tree Root Infiltration and Pressure

This is one of the most common causes for sewer line breaks. The roots of trees and other plants will naturally seek out areas of high moisture, so they will tend to grow toward the nearby sewer line. These roots are insidious and will infiltrate the interior of the pipes, leading to blockage. Even more destructive, the force from the growing roots from trees is often enough to cause the pipe to rupture or break. If root infiltration is caught soon enough, breaks can sometimes be avoided. You should also be cautious about planting trees too near to the sewer line when planning a yard.


This is an issue that plagues older homes, which usually have a sewer line made from galvanized steel. Although steel is a sturdy, tough metal, it is prone to corrosion over time, and eventually the weakened pipe can break from even minor pressure. If you live in a home built before World War II (and even for some homes built pre-1970), you might encounter this problem and should consider a full sewer line replacement before breaks occur.

Poor Initial Installation

If the sewer line from your home received a poor installation job in the first place, it will be prone to breaks along its joints due to incorrect placement that will place uneven pressure along it and shoddy connections. Usually the only way to fix a sewer line that was poorly installed is to schedule a replacement, but with a reputable company that will not make similar mistakes.

Thankfully, repairs and replacements for sewer lines are much simpler than they once were. It used to require large digging equipment to tear open a trench to reach the line, a process that could take a few days and involve ruining a home’s yard. Today, thanks to trenchless technology, the plumbers at Resolve Rooter can handle the task in a day and leave your property almost untouched.

When you suspect you need sewer line replacement service in Yardley, PA, contact our experienced team right away.

How to Prevent Drain Problems Caused by Tree Roots

July 3rd, 2014

One of the major threats to the integrity of your sewer line—the vital pipe that removes wastewater from your home and to the city’s sewer system—come from trees. The roots of trees move naturally toward areas of moisture and fertilizer, and the ends of the roots will grow into the pipe, leading to blockages in your drains. In some cases, the pressure from growing roots will cause the pipe to break, creating a serious emergency that will require calling for professional plumbers. (The sewer line is your responsibility to repair, not the utility company’s.)

Here are some ways you can prevent the problem of tree roots damaging your sewer line. Call Resolve Rooter today for further help; we are skilled with sewer line repair in Princeton, NJ and can provide regular inspections to see that your sewer line isn’t under threat from tree roots.

Ways to Prevent Tree Roots Creating Drain Problems

  • Regular maintenance: You should have an annual plumbing inspection from professionals that will discover if your sewer line has problems developing because of tree roots. Plumbers will help you identify if there are tree that should be removed. If the plumbers find that damage has already started to occur, they can use a pipe liner or trenchless pipe replacement to repair the sections without needing to perform any extensive digging. (This is only one of the many benefits your plumbing will receive from regular maintenance visits.)
  • Inspect the trees, replant if necessary: Find out first where your sewer line actually lies beneath the ground (a plumber will help you with this). Now look around at any trees or plants within 10 feet of the line. Any of these trees poses a potential risk, but not all trees lay down deep roots or fast-growing roots. For example, oak trees are a major threat to plumbing because they lay down thick and deep roots (and have even been known to crack open basement walls), so pay special attention to them. Also watch out for willow, poplar, and birch trees. Ask gardeners and horticulturalists about options for trees with shallow and slow-growing roots as alternatives when you plan your backyard or replace trees that might threaten your plumbing.
  • Chemical root treatments: These chemicals made from copper sulfate will slow down root growth and are useful if the infiltration is caught early enough. Your plumber can handle applying the treatments and determining if it will be enough or if more serious measures need to be taken.

At the first indication that you have sewer drainage problem, you need to call professional plumbers to investigate. Even the best backyard planning won’t stop all root issues. Our team at Resolve Rooter can handle trenchless pipe replacement and take care of the necessary sewer line repair service in Princeton, NJ to stop root damage and preserve your lawn from ugly excavation work.

How Do I Know When I Need to Repair My Water Line?

June 27th, 2014

There are two crucial water pipelines that run into and out of your home: the water line and the sewer line. The first brings freshwater into your home, and the second removes wastewater from it. Although both connect to municipal systems, the portions that run under your property and connect to your plumbing are your responsibility when it comes to repairs and replacements.

Breaks, clogs, and leaks in either line will lead to serious problems. In this post, we will limit ourselves to issues that can affect the water main, and how to tell that it’s time to schedule a water line repair service for your home in King of Prussia, PA.

For the speedy and accurate work necessary to restore a damaged water line, call Resolve Rooter. With us, “One call resolves it all!”

Signs to Look for That Warn of Water Line Repair Concerns

  • Reduction in water pressure: One of the earliest indications that a major leak or clog has affected your water line is a noticeable drop in water pressure throughout the faucets and taps in your home. If water starts to flow weakly from showerheads and kitchen faucets, it may indicate the water line isn’t clear or it is suffering from leaks. The issue may come from the municipal supply, so check with your neighbors if they are experiencing similar issues. Otherwise, call for professional plumbers right away before you lose your water entirely.
  • Leaking water on your property: If you find water leaking up through the ground on your lawn, or coming through cracks in the sidewalk, then a pipe somewhere has broken. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that your water line is leaking (it could come from a neighbor’s house or pipes that are the concern of the utility company) you still need to call for a plumber to confirm where the water is coming from.
  • Hissing or rumbling noise: The point where the water main enters your house will make a rumbling or hissing sound whenever you have one of the taps open or water is running somewhere in your house. If you hear this sound when no water is running, it means that there is water leaking somewhere along the main between where it enters the house and where it leaves from the municipal system

Of course, if you suddenly find that you have n0 water at all, and it isn’t because of a local shutdown for construction or another similar reason, that’s an immediate sign to call for emergency help. However, if you watch for the above warnings, you should be able to prevent a complete loss of water to your home with proper professional repairs.

For your water line repair in King of Prussia, PA, make the call to the 24/7 plumbing team at Resolve Rooter. We have more than a decade of experience supplying people with fast and effective plumbing repairs.

How Trencheless Technology Works with Sewer Line Installation

June 26th, 2014

Replacing your sewer line used to mean transforming the yard of your house into a region resembling the front lines of World War I in France, only without the barbed wire. Plumbers needed to move power digging equipment onto the lawn and gardens and rip open trenches to reach the damaged line and replace it. Not only was the work ugly and disruptive, it was also time-consuming and expensive.

This unpleasant scenario is in the past now—at least if you call Resolve Rooter for your sewer line replacement in Bucks County, PA. We use advanced trenchless technology for replacing sewer lines that requires only minimal digging. We can have the job finished in a day and your front appearing virtually unchanged.

How Does Trenchless Technology Work with Installing a New Sewer Line?

Let’s suppose that you have an aging sewer line, perhaps one made from galvanized steel that has started to corrode. Once you determine the line has suffered too much damage (leaks, clogs, root infestation) and that your home is in danger of losing wastewater drainage entirely, you call us for sewer line replacement.

When we arrive, we first locate where the wastewater line exits your home. We detach it from the rest of the house and insert a new liner—which will become the new pipeline—inside the old pipe. Outside your home, we determine the spot on the property where the sewer line exits into the street to connect to the municipal sewer main. We dig a small hole at this spot: just enough to expose the pipe underground and detach it from the municipal line.

At this point, we hook a hydraulic system to the outside pipe. The hydraulics pulls up the new line all the way through the old pipe until it emerges at the other end. With the new pipe in place, we send a “pipe burster” through from the inside of the house. This expands the new liner, causing the old pipe to break apart as the new pipe replaces it.

After this, there’s only the job of connecting the interior plumbing and the exterior sewer system to the new line, and then filling in the small hole made to reach the outside pipe. In only a few hours, the whole process is finished and there’s hardly a trace that we were ever there.

Call Us When the Old Sewer Line Needs to Go

Don’t let another plumbing company come to your home and spend days making a war-zone out of your yard in order to replace a broken sewer line. Call Resolve Rooter and let our speedy trenchless sewer line replacement in Bucks County, PA take care of the problem.