How to Detect Broken Water Lines

December 19th, 2014

Water lines are a critical component of your household plumbing system. The water line is responsible for bringing water back and forth from the domicile, so a water line rupture or break can be quite catastrophic. It’s critical that you contact our experts in the event you think you might have a problem, it’s much better to catch the problem early.

You may notice that your water bills have suddenly started increasing without reason, this may be because a leak has caused a spike in usage in the water that’s lost through the line. If you notice the bill is higher along with some of the other symptoms, it’s time to call us. Low water pressure can also indicate a leak in the water line, leaving you without the normal water flow you’re used to in the home. You may also notice contamination in the water, which is yet another sign that your water line may be compromised. If you see this issue along with low water pressure and high water bills, this could mean an increased chance that a break has occurred.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues in Bucks & Montgomery County and the surrounding area, call the experts here at Resolve Rooter. We can go over the advantages of our trenchless technology and review your options with you. Don’t let the issue go, water lines are critical and it’s crucial to catch it as early as possible.

Does Sewer Line Replacement Result in Property Damage?

December 12th, 2014

Your sewer line serves as a direct route between your home’s drain pipes and the municipal system. That’s why sewer line replacement is nearly always urgent. If your sewer pipe is out of commission, you can’t use any of the faucets and fixtures in your home without hassle. But what’s far worse is the potential consequences for your home and yard, as a sewage leak on the property is certainly never an ideal situation.

When sewer line replacement becomes a must, you might begin to worry about the amount of damage your property is sure to suffer. If you’ve ever seen a team of professionals dig up an old sewer line, you’re likely aware of just how much excavation is involved in the process. This pipe runs underneath your property—sometimes hiding right beneath an important feature of your landscaping design or even underneath the driveway. Should you expect your yard to be in ruins after the job is completed?

Luckily, you can get sewer line replacement with little property damage whatsoever when you choose a company that uses trenchless technology for sewer and water line repair and replacement. Call the trenchless experts at Resolve Rooter whenever you need sewer line replacement in Allentown.

How It Works

In the past, a plumber would have to dig a trench underneath your property in order to access the sewer line. Nowadays, however, a select set of contractors rely on trenchless technology to make the job go smoothly with the least amount of destruction possible. The plumber only needs to access the pipe from two points-of-entry: the location where the sewer line leaves the house and where it exits the property.

The plumber will dig one small hole at the point that the sewer line meets the municipal drain and detach a portion of pipe. Then, a hydraulic system draws a deflated piece of tubing through the old pipe. The plumber then runs a pipe-splitter through the new pipe so that it expands and essentially shatters the older piping.

And that’s all the work that needs to be done! But be warned: many plumbers still use the old system of pipe replacement as they don’t have the tools and equipment that the folks at Resolve Rooter have available.

Contact Resolve Rooter today to speak with a skilled technician and to learn more about how you can get trenchless sewer line replacement in Allentown.

How Effective Is High Pressure Water Jetting in Homes?

December 11th, 2014

Cleaning out the drains and sewer lines for homes is much easier for professional plumbers than it once was thanks to the technology of high pressure water jetting, also known as hydro-jetting. Water jetting services permit plumbers to thoroughly remove debris and build-up from the drainage system of a home without resorting to chemicals that might cause damage to the pipes.

In Radnor, PA, high pressure water jetting from Resolve Rooter will help you maintain a more problem-free plumbing system. You should only entrust this task to skilled professionals: the equipment required is too expensive for amateur use, and can even present dangers of injury for anyone who tries to use it without experience and the proper protective gear. Call our trained plumbers today to arrange for the hydro-jetting that will clean your drainpipes and sewer lines.

This is the most effective way to clean your home’s drains

High pressure water jetting is the method of choice for experienced and qualified plumbers when it comes to residential (and commercial) drain cleaning. The priciple reason is that no other cleaning method cuts through stubborn blockages with the same amount of power. The high pressure of the water (up to 3,500 psi with a flow rate of 18 gallons per minute) is enough even to cut through and eliminate roots that have grown down into sewer lines. The force of the water pushes all the dislodged debris downstream so that it enters the sewer system.

The cleaning is not only thorough, but it can be used on long lengths of pipe. This isn’t a superficial cleaning that only helps out with a few feet of drainpipe inside your home: hydro-jetting equipment can clean out a sewer line several hundred feet long. Hydro-jetting will reach through all the waste water system to apply its powerful cleaning effect everywhere it is needed. After a high pressure water jetting session from professionals, you will have drains and a sewer system as clean as they can possibly be.

However, when you call Resolve Rooter for high pressure water jetting in Radnor, PA, you’ll receive more than just hydro-jetting. We also use video pipe inspection equipment to check on the condition of your pipes and to look over the job afterwards to see that the cleaning was effective. These inspections will also inform us if it is necessary to replace a severely damaged sewer line rather than clean it.

If you want the finest quality cleaning for your home’s drains, or you want a check on your sewer line, call our experienced and equipped team today.

How Professional Electrical Conduit Installation Increases Safety

December 5th, 2014

Trenchless technology has improved the way technicians do work in a number of ways. At Resolve Rooter, we pride ourselves on our use of trenchless technology for plumbing repairs and replacement. You can now get water or sewer line repair completed without digging up your entire yard or completely ruining the landscaping. With trenchless repairs, all that a technician must do is dig a hole at two ends of a pipe and run a machine through the existing pipe to add a new pipe lining. But one of the other, less frequently discussed uses for trenchless technology is electrical conduit installation.

An electrical conduit runs from your home’s existing electrical system underneath your property to reach an outside barn, shed, or other detached structure. In the past, an electrician would first have to dig a path underneath your property, damaging your yard in order to do so. Alternatively, some homeowners attempt to run an electrical cable to an outbuilding using an above-ground system, which can be quite dangerous. Above ground wiring can easily suffer damage from moisture damage or other kinks and destruction from the weather and outside elements.

Amateur installation of electrical wiring can be hazardous to people as well, particularly when you’re dealing with exposed cables. Electrical shock becomes an unfortunate responsibility, and the amateur installer may not know the proper safety procedures to follow in order to keep everyone in and around the home (including animals and small children who may not know better) safe from harm.

With professional installation, you will not only ensure the safest installation practices are followed, but you can also be certain the proper size and style conduit is used for your yard. Rigid conduits can provide greater protection and safety for your home, but only if they are installed in an area where they fit properly. In some cases, flexible conduits are more appropriate for the layout of your shed, but a trained technician is the best person to make this decision.

Contact Resolve Rooter to learn how you can get electrical conduit installation in Scranton with the least damage to your property as well as friendly, professional service and advice.

Take Advantage of Our Financing Offers Today!

December 4th, 2014

Do you have a water or sewer line that needs replacing but don’t have the cash on hand during this holiday season to get the job done? Call Us Today at 888-973-7658 and learn more about our great financing offers. Just because the job is large doesn’t mean that it can’t be affordable too!

Water and Sewer Lines are critical to your plumbing and septic systems, if you think you detect a problem don’t hesitate, call our expert team to discuss your problem and potential solutions. Our trenchless technology is a great, non-invasive way to fix these issues without tearing up your yard. Best of all its affordable and we have the expertise to get the job done the right way every time. Don’t settle, we have the best solutions in the area, call today for service on your Bucks and Montgomery County system!

What Counts as a Plumbing Emergency?

December 4th, 2014

A plumbing problem can occur at any hour of the night, so why should you have to wait until morning to speak with a plumber? Plumbing emergencies threaten to damage your property or leave you without the services you desperately need. Waiting hours for a plumbing company to open its doors is simply not worth the risk.

That’s why the experts at Resolve Rooter offer 24-hour service for emergency plumbing repair in Trenton. But how do you know when your particular problem counts as an emergency urgent enough to call in the late hours? Here are a few of the most common ways homeowners know to call for repairs.

  • Water Heater Repair: When the water heater breaks down in the winter here in Trenton, showering and other tasks become simply unfeasible. But what’s worse is when water heater trouble leads to leaking in your home. Excess sediment in the tank can cause pressure to buildup and water to leak, and corrosion can allow hot water to leak into your home as well. Don’t risk gallons of water flooding into your home; call a plumber as soon as you notice a leak or a broken down unit.
  • Sump Pump Repair: The sump pump in your basement is supposed to pump water out of your home in case of a flood. If this is not working, it poses obvious threats of flooding, health risks from mold, and structural damage, all of which justifies an emergency phone call.
  • Sewer and Water Line Repair: If the sewer or water line in your home springs a leak, not only will you not get proper drainage or any water into your home, but you can also do some irreversible damage to your property or cause sewage to backup into your yard or drains.

These are just a few of the reasons you may decide to call an expert for emergency plumbing repair. Of course, YOU are the best judge for what counts as an emergency in your home. Any time you are worried that your home, health, or general well-being is compromised due to a plumbing problem, do not hesitate to call an expert for emergency repairs. It may just save your home from some major renovations and keep your family safe and healthy.

Contact Resolve Rooter anytime 24/7 or emergency plumbing repair in Trenton.

Winter is almost here, don’t let your pipes freeze!

December 3rd, 2014

Winter is almost officially here and with snow on the way and the temperature dropping, we at Resolve Rooter want you to be safe and for your plumbing system to be protected against the harsh conditions. This is the time of year we see a lot of pipes freezing so we wanted to share some tips for those really cold nights. We all know just how devastating a broken water line or pipe can be in your house, here are some things you can do to protect yourself.

Insulate your pipes. If you have piping and other parts of the plumbing system that site on an outer wall, chances are they’re susceptible to freezing. With the pressure that water lines deliver you can count on a frozen pipe bursting, so identifying and insulating those pipes ASAP will give you the best chance to avoid this situation. In fact, you should even look into insulating your water heater for efficiency reasons as well, as the winter is a time that heat will leak and cause it to be less efficient.

Drain your exterior faucets. Many homes have gardening water faucets or other outdoor/exterior faucets that can be susceptible to freezing. Make sure these are completely drained and disconnect any hosing or other items that may be connected.

Lastly, and this is somewhat repetitive, keep your indoor fixtures warm and make sure you’ve checked the attic as well as the basement for any leaks. Your indoor fixtures are susceptible to freezing as well, make sure any leaking windows or other cold air sources around them are fixed and/or insulated.

We wish you the best this holiday season and hope the winter doesn’t bring too much cold weather. Either way remember to call Resolve Rooter with all of your Bucks and Montgomery County plumbing and trenchless needs, we’re always on the move!

How Grease Traps Work

November 28th, 2014

If you own or manage a property with a commercial kitchen or are planning to own one in the future, the law requires you to follow a few safety procedures for the health of the people in the building. Of course, you know you must keep your commercial kitchen clean and sanitized for the health of any patrons and in order to pass the health inspection. You must also follow all codes for food storage and preparation, and even the size and shape of your sink is subject to scrutiny.

One ordinance that sometimes surprises commercial kitchen managers is the necessity of owning a grease trap. Fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.) can be a major problem for pipes. These substances solidify when they cool down and become stuck to the lining of pipes. Any debris passing by becomes stuck as well, but F.O.G. is often the main reason for a major drain clog. Pressure can build in the pipes, causing them to burst or allowing sewage to back up through drains.

Because of the mass amount of grease that moves through a drain at once, most municipalities require you to install a grease trap. Grease traps are installed along the drain pipes underneath the property. If it is discovered that you do not have a grease trap or that you don’t keep it maintained, you can receive a substantial fine for every day that you do not comply.

So how does it work? As wastewater enters the large basin of the grease trap, grease rises to the top while sludge sinks to the bottom. These remain trapped via a system of baffles and a pipe allows only the water to escape. You can use manholes and cleanout pipes to access the trap as it must be cleaned out from time to time.

Grease trap installation, maintenance, or repair is always a job for a professional. Grease traps must be sized properly according to the needs of a kitchen and this could be a complicated process for the inexperienced technician.

Anytime you’re dealing with commercial plumbing, call Resolve Rooter. We have the tools and experience to deal with all types of grease traps in Princeton.

10 Facts You Should Know about Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2014

Thanksgiving has been celebrated as an official holiday in the United States for over 150 years, so you may think you understand all there is to know about this family feast. Most of us have heard the story of the pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving in 1621 after arriving in North America on the Mayflower. But did you know that only about half of the people on this ship were actually pilgrims? This fact is one of ten things that may actually surprise you about the Thanksgiving tradition!

  1. Although we often consider Thanksgiving a holiday unique to the United States, many other countries and cultures celebrate their own set of harvest-time and thanksgiving traditions. In Korea, Chu-Sok (or “fall evening”) is put on in remembrance of forefathers on August 15th of every year. Brazil celebrates a contemporary version of the U.S. holiday. Chinese, Roman, and Jewish cultures all have a history of harvest celebrations as well.
  2. President Harry S. Truman began the tradition of a ceremony held before Thanksgiving during which the president receives a turkey. George H.W. Bush was the first to pardon the turkey instead of eating it.
  3. In Minnesota alone, farmers raise over 40 million turkeys a year. In fact, U.S. farmers produce about one turkey for every one person in the country.
  4. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the average American will gain about one to two pounds every year during the holiday season.
  5. On the other hand, turkey is naturally high in protein and has been known to support and boost immune systems to protect against illness and speed up healing. So feast on!
  6. Abraham Lincoln issued a “Thanksgiving Proclamation” in 1863, but a woman named Sarah Josepha Hale can be credited with the idea. While Thanksgiving had been celebrated at different times of year in many areas of the U.S. for years, it was Hale, prominent magazine editor and author of the rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” who urged Lincoln to finally establish the national event.
  7. President Franklin D Roosevelt once tried to change the date of Thanksgiving to the second-to-last Thursday of the month in order to extend the holiday shopping season and boost the economy.
  8. Only about half of the people on the Mayflower were what we would consider today as “Pilgrims.” The other (approximately) 50 people were simply trying to find a way over to the New World.
  9. Gobble, gobble! Click, click? While male turkeys make a gobbling noise, females (hens) do not; it’s often described as a clicking.
  10. Even though we celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November, the month of June has been declared National Turkey Lovers’ Month by the National Turkey Federation so you can continue the celebration in the summer as well!

From our family here at Resolve Rooter, we’d like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Come Watch the Roxey Ballet Perform at the Philly Thanksgiving Day Parade!

November 26th, 2014

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as always, the Thanksgiving Day Parade put on by the city of Philadelphia will be a great destination to soak up the holiday spirit. Our very own Denise Carr, the Vice President of the Roxey Ballet Company, will be participating with a group of artists in the parade! Come on down and watch the floats, dancers, artists and other talented citizens and celebrate a great holiday with us!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there, and remember, call us today for all of your trenchless plumbing needs in the Bucks and Montgomery areas! Have a happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Resolve Rooter!