Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning

April 20th, 2015

The drains in your home serve as the connection points between you and your sewer system. They are responsible for flushing away waste efficiently and quickly, keeping your home clean and sanitary. Despite the important role that they play in your home, however, you probably don’t often think about them. That’s understandable, of course. They aren’t exactly designed to draw attention to themselves. However, that unobtrusiveness can result in you missing some of the signs that your drain is experiencing a problem. So, have a look at some of the more common signs that you need drain cleaning. Continue Reading

Tips for Water Conservation in Your Home

April 13th, 2015

We all know that with summer looming in the not so distance future, increased temperatures and humidity will also be showing their not so welcome faces. We also know that these increased temperatures often mean an increase in our electricity bills. While there may be no compromise to running those air conditioners all day long just to make staying inside bearable, there are ways to cut down on some other bills that will have little to no effect on your daily routine or living habits. One valuable resource that we overuse immensely, often times without even realizing it, is our water. Below are some helpful hints on how to decrease your water consumption and thus also decreasing your water bill. Some of these may seem common sense oriented, but many would be surprised at just how many wasteful habits we inherently have when it comes to water use.

If you’re paying for all the water that comes out of your faucets, make sure you’re using all of it. If you paid to fill your tank up at the gas station, but only received 75% of the gasoline you purchased, you’d obviously be upset. You should feel the same way when it comes to the water you’re purchasing. Although it seems minimal, if you practice the following habits daily, you can save hundreds of gallons of water each month:

  1. Washing your hands after using the bathroom? Put soap on your hands prior to turning on the faucet.
  2. Time to get rid of that 5 o’clock shadow? Don’t run the water throughout the duration of shaving. The same goes for brushing your teeth.
  3. Nothing beats an ice cold glass of water. So actually add ice instead of running water until its cold. Another alternative is to fill a pitcher and place it in the fridge.
  4. Have some nice filets to cook but need them to thaw? Try thawing them in the fridge overnight versus running water over them. Thawing them in the fridge does not use any water while running water on them uses… well, a lot.
  5. What’s worse than having to wash dishes? Having to pay to wash dishes. Running your faucet the duration of washing your dishes can waste up to 14 gallons of water each time. Fill up your sink with warm water and wash them out of there to keep chore costs down.
  6. Or, are you using a dishwasher? Try scraping any food residue off of the plates instead of rinsing them in the sink. That’s kind of the whole purpose of the washing machine…
  7. Speaking of dishwashers, try to only run them to wash full loads. Unless you only own one plate and glass to drink from, you surely can get by with letting the machine fill up before using it.
  8. On a similar note, did you know that 22% of in-home water use stems from washing machines? Yikes! For those of you who didn’t know this, “it’s laundry day” was never more of a viable excuse to wear sweatpants in public. Cut that 22% down by only washing full loads of clothes.
  9. Baths are great, but the average tub takes almost 70 gallons to fill. A candle lit shower is a bit awkward, but definitely the more cost effective of two.

Have you ever bought something online and opted not to purchase the delivery insurance that comes with it and 3 weeks later you still haven’t received your package because the post office “lost it”? Paying for things and not receiving them is the worst, and this is exactly how leaks in your water line work. Leaks can really drive your water bill up, so be sure to check for them periodically to ensure you’re paying for what you’re actually getting. Here are some tips on how to gauge if you have a leak:

  1. Before you go to work in the morning, write down the reading on your water meter. When you come back from work later that day, assuming no one was home to use water, the reading should match what it was before you left. If this is not the case, you most likely have a leak.
  2. It can be difficult to tell if your toilet has a leak. One way to check if the tank is leaking is to add some dye and check back in a half hour. If the dye has made its way onto your floor or in the bowl, there’s a leak there that needs to be addressed.

If you discover you have a leak, it’s important to contact a professional, preferably Resolve Trenchless of course, to come out and fix it. Tampering with it yourself or letting it go without service can lead to even bigger issues down the road. Enjoy your summer and the extra bucks you’re going to save on your water bill now that you’ve eliminated some of those wasteful habits we all engage in without realizing.

Pinhole Leaks and Their Effects on Your Home

April 13th, 2015

During the first half of the twentieth century, the most common material for plumbing pipes was iron. While iron pipes could last up to a century under ideal conditions, they still were not ideal for the purposes of plumbing. Iron is especially susceptible to rusting, causing it to weaken and fall apart. This made pipe ruptures more and more likely as they got older.

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3 Unusual Signs You Have a Damaged Sewer Line

April 6th, 2015

The sewer line is one of the most important parts of your residential plumbing system: without it, you don’t have a way to safely and hygienically remove solid waste and waste water from your home to the municipal sewer system. However, this pipe is buried underground, removed from your sight (just as you would want it), so it is difficult to tell when the sewer line is in danger because of damage or corrosion. There are a few major signs to watch for, like sewage rising up onto your yard, but there are also a few smaller warnings you can heed… some of which may not seem like they have anything to do with your sewer system. We’ve listed three of them below.

Resolve Rooter is an expert at sewer line repairs and replacement for Warminster, PA. If you suspect you need service for your sewer line, call us right away. We have 24-hour emergency service.

1. Water stains around the basement flood drains

The drains in the basement send any flood waters directly into the sewer line and safely out of your home. If your sewer line begins to back-up because of clogs or damage, the first drains that it will start to effect will be the ones in the basement because they are the lowest ones in the house. If you see water stains appearing around these drains when the basement has otherwise been dry, call up a plumber right away.

2. Uneven toilet bowl levels

Your home’s toilets should always fill up to the same level after flushing. If you notice that toilets around the house have different levels, and that they rise and fall, then it probably means something is wrong in the drainage system. Toilets on the ground floor will usually be affected first.

3. Rat holes on the lawn

Vermin are attracted quickly to sewage leaks, and they’ll find it long before there’s evidence that you can see. When rat holes start appearing on your yard, it’s a bad sign. Check in the basement to see if there is evidence of rats down there as well. Call on a plumber to see if a damaged sewer line is behind it.

Repairing and replacing a sewer line sounds like it’s a tremendous job, but Resolve Rooter can handle the work with our excellent trenchless technology. We will see that you have a sewer line in great shape without needing to tear up your yard for days at a time. Give us a call if you think you need help with a damaged sewer line.

What Types of Electrical Conduits are Available for Installation?

March 27th, 2015

When it comes to the installation of electrical equipment of any kind, it is important that trained professionals handle the job. If you wish to better protect any electrical wiring servicing your property, then utilizing some type of electrical conduit is a great option to pursue. There are different types of electrical conduits out there, of course, and in order to ensure that you are using the type best suited to your needs, you are going to require the input of a qualified technician. That is why you should contact Resolve Rooter to discuss the materials available to you. We excel in electrical conduit installation services throughout Eagleville, so let us guarantee that your wiring is well protected.

By running electrical wiring beneath the ground, homeowners are able to power sheds, barns, and other structures on their properties in a safe manner, without ugly wiring hanging overhead. Needless to say, though, you cannot simply drop bare electrical wiring into the ground and throw some dirt on top of it. It is necessary to protect this wiring, and using electrical conduits is the most effective means by which to do so. One of the great benefits of working with us is the fact that we utilize trenchless technology in order to place electrical conduits in the ground, rather than relying upon extensive excavation on your property.

Rigid conduits are quite common in the event that running electrical wiring between your home and an outbuilding requires only that a straight path be followed. Rigid electrical conduits are not flexible, and are made of different metals or plastic. They provide comprehensive protection of electrical wiring from moisture and other elements which could damage it. If the area in which you require an electrical conduit installation is quite narrow or not a straight shot, though, a flexible conduit may be a better option to consider. Flexible conduits are easier to work with, as they can be bent to navigate the terrain between your buildings. Flexible conduits too may be constructed from a few different materials, including flexible steel or bendable plastic tubing.

Whatever type of conduit you may need, you can count on Resolve Rooter to complete your electrical conduit installation in Eagleville properly from start to finish.

When to Schedule Plumbing Services: Water Leaks

March 26th, 2015

Few modern luxuries play as major a role in our day to day lives as our plumbing systems do. Whenever you bathe, brush your teeth, clean the dishes, or do the laundry, you are depending upon the successful operation of your plumbing system in order to facilitate the process. Of course, with all of that water coursing throughout your residential plumbing system, there is a serious potential for a few serious problems. Water leaks are among the most common causes of services calls that we here at Resolve Rooter receive. Ideally, you will schedule plumbing services in Willow Grove as soon as you have reason to suspect that there is a water leak in your home. Needless to say, of course, this means that you must first realize that there is a potential leak in your plumbing system.

Water leaks can vary greatly in their severity, so the exact warning signs that you encounter may vary depending upon the nature of your leak. One sure sign that there is a leak in your plumbing system is the sound of dripping or even running water when no plumbing faucets or appliances are in use. While many of us have encountered relatively minor leaks from dripping faucets or even in the piping beneath our sinks, you must remember that such leaks can develop in pipes themselves, and that they are not always going to be in areas so clearly in view. Even minor water leaks can do real damage when they are tucked away behind your walls or beneath your floors, out of view.

Another sign that it is time to schedule professional plumbing services in order to have any water leaks resolved is if the water pressure in your home seems to drop off without explanation. If a leak is severe enough, you may find that your shower experience is a bit lackluster. If the leak is in a hot water line, you may also notice that your hot water is now insufficient.

Whatever it is that tips you off to the potential of a water leak in your home, you are wise to schedule professional plumbing services in Willow Grove as soon as possible. You don’t  want to be paying for wasted water, nor do you want your water leaks to lead to property damage.

Let Resolve Rooter investigate matters, and we’ll resolve any water leaks that you may have in your plumbing system.

Are Sump Pumps Worth the Investment?

March 20th, 2015

If technology had advanced to the point at which we could control the weather entirely, there’d likely be a lot fewer rain storms to put up with. As it stands, though, we have to take the good with the bad when it comes to weather, which means that heavy rains and melting snow are just par for the course at different times of the year. Just because we cannot control these weather elements, though, does not mean that you must allow them to cause serious damages to your home. If you frequently have water infiltrating the lowest level of your home, then you are wise to consider the installation of a sump pump in Perkasie. These simple devices, when installed by pros such as those here on the Resolve Rooter staff, can save you some serious headaches down the road.

A sump pump is, without a doubt, one of the best ways in which to protect your home from water damages, especially if your household is one which tends to collect water in its lowest level with some regularity. If you have a home which absolutely never floods, of course, and has never had a history of doing so, then you can forgo the installation of a sump safely. If you do take on water in your home, though, installing a sump pump is a great way in which to minimize the ill effects of a damp basement.

This is not to say that you should content yourself with allowing your basement to fill with water, as your sump pit and sump pump combo can get rid of that water for you. Preventing water from getting into your home in the first place is still a goal well worth pursuing. If you have a high water table, though, and there is just no way of eliminating the risk of water getting in, then a sump pump just may be your best line of defense.

As is the case with any plumbing system component, though, you must remember that choosing the right sump pump for your particular needs is absolutely necessary. Working with a professional plumber will ensure that this is the case. There is no point in investing in a sump pump if that sump pump will not be able to satisfy your expectations. When you hire Resolve Rooter, you can count on us taking the time to help you to better understand your options.

When the appropriate sump pump has been chosen, we will install it with the care and quality workmanship that define our services. Call now if you think that you may require a sump pump in Perkasie.

Indicators that You Need a Commercial Plumbing Replacement

March 19th, 2015

Just as you would in your own home, you must keep your plumbing system in any commercial properties that you may own in fine working condition. It does not matter what type of business you may be in. You need to ensure that your clients, employees, tenants, and anyone else finding themselves in your commercial property has access to a hygienic and reliable plumbing system. Resolve Rooter can help you to ensure that this is the case.

Of course, you must keep in mind that even the best plumbing equipment, even when serviced by professional plumbers, may falter or even suffer irreparable damages. If this is the case, then you can count on us to complete your commercial plumbing replacement in Hatfield with the skill and care that we know the job demands. Here are a few signs that you may require a commercial plumbing replacement in your property.

One thing it pays to keep in mind is the fact that not all components within your commercial plumbing system which can be fixed are actually worth fixing. This is especially true if you find yourself scheduling frequent repair services for the same commercial plumbing components or appliances. At some point it may simply make more sense financially for you to replace a commercial water heater, for instance, than it would to continue repairing the same old, beat up model. When our plumbers evaluate your commercial plumbing equipment, you can count on getting the honest opinion of a trained professional about whether or not to repair or replace.

Among the complications that problems with your commercial plumbing system can present is the fact that such issues can be difficult to recognize in the first place. There are always warning signs which can indicate the need for commercial plumbing replacements, though. You just have to know what it is that you are looking for. Foul odors on the property, as well as damp spots on any lawn space, may mean that you have a sewer line in need of replacement. Perhaps you notice that there are wet spots, or even signs of mold growth, on the walls in your building. This could mean that the pipes in that area are leaking and require replacement.

Commercial plumbing systems are vast, and there are a number of different reasons as to why you may need to replace different pieces of the system at different times. One thing is constant, though; you must always schedule any such services with skilled, professional plumbers.

Contact Resolve Rooter when you need professional commercial plumbing replacement services in Hatfield. 

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Considerations: Location of the Sewer Main

March 13th, 2015

We won’t tell you that a sewer line replacement is ever a particularly convenient service to require. When you flush your toilet and drain your bathtub, it is ultimately your sewer line that that water and waste travels to. From there, it makes its way to the sewer main, bound for the municipal treatment center. Trenchless sewer line replacement services in Quakertown allow for our plumbers to replace your sewer line in a much more convenient fashion than ever before. However, there are still a lot of variables to consider. One of these is the location of the sewer main into which your sign line feeds wastewater. If you suspect the need for a sewer line replacement, contact Resolve Rooter today.

There was a time during which the replacement of a sewer line required that a trench be dug along the entire length of that line on your property. With trenchless technology, though, a pit is simply excavated at each end of this pipe, meaning that the disruption to your property can be minimized, along with the cost of the service. This does not, mean, though, that you will definitely not encounter further complications before the job is done. If the sewer main, into which your sewer line must connect, is located beneath the street, as is sometimes the case in older neighborhoods, it is possible that a section of the street will have to be cut out to allow for access. Needless to say, and whether you like it or not, because it is your plumbing system demanding the work, it is your bank account that will be responsible for providing the funds if this is the case.

More often, though, sewer lines are located near the curb, being buried between 3 and 15 feet down. In such instances, removal of any sections of the street is not necessary. However, a plumber may still need to bore down under the street in order to reach main. When you consider all of the other variables at play, minimizing the extent of the disturbance in your own back yard by utilizing trenchless methodology is even more appealing.

We are the professional plumbers that you can count on for truly exceptional trenchless sewer line replacement in Quakertown. Whatever the situation may be, you can expect our plumbers to ensure that the job is done as quickly and with the highest level of quality as possible.

If you have problems with your sewer line that ultimately necessitate its replacement, call Resolve Rooter today.

Just How is a Water Softener Installed?

March 12th, 2015

If you have hard water in your home, resulting in the buildup of unsightly mineral deposits, soap scum, and other problems, then a water softener in Warminster is a great investment to consider. While you may not think that hard water is all that serious a problem, or that it is at least something that you can put up with for a while, take a moment to reflect upon the fact that the deposits you hate to see on your plumbing fixtures may also be building up within your pipes. With that in mind, give Resolve Rooter a call to schedule your water softener installation with a qualified, professional plumber.

Should you think that a water softener is anything like a water filter which you just snap onto a faucet head, think again. A whole-house water softener is a major appliance which must be professionally installed by a trained professional. Obviously, a water supply must be fed to and from the device. A discharge tube is necessary as well, which functions to purge the minerals removed from the water from the system itself. It may empty into a waste line, a floor drain, or simply into a nearby sink.

A bypass valve lets you shut down the water softener when it requires service without disrupting the flow of water throughout your home, which is an invaluable convenience. If your bypass valve is not properly installed, you will not be able to use water for any purpose while your water softener is out of commission. Now that you have an idea of just how complex a process softening the water that you use in your home actually is, we hope that you also understand just how vital it is that you have it installed professionally.

We understand that there are a lot of very handy homeowners out there. However, we cannot stress enough the fact that professional plumbing services are always and unequivocally in your best interest. If your water softener is not properly installed, your hard water issues will continue even though you made the considerable investment in purchasing that equipment. Plus, you risk water leaks and other plumbing problems that can put the condition of your home, as well as your water usage budget, at risk.

Make the right choice, and schedule your water softener installation and services with a trained professional on the Resolve Rooter staff.