Are Sump Pumps Worth the Investment?

March 20th, 2015

If technology had advanced to the point at which we could control the weather entirely, there’d likely be a lot fewer rain storms to put up with. As it stands, though, we have to take the good with the bad when it comes to weather, which means that heavy rains and melting snow are just par for the course at different times of the year. Just because we cannot control these weather elements, though, does not mean that you must allow them to cause serious damages to your home. If you frequently have water infiltrating the lowest level of your home, then you are wise to consider the installation of a sump pump in Scranton. These simple devices, when installed by pros such as those here on the Resolve Rooter staff, can save you some serious headaches down the road.

A sump pump is, without a doubt, one of the best ways in which to protect your home from water damages, especially if your household is one which tends to collect water in its lowest level with some regularity. If you have a home which absolutely never floods, of course, and has never had a history of doing so, then you can forgo the installation of a sump safely. If you do take on water in your home, though, installing a sump pump is a great way in which to minimize the ill effects of a damp basement.

This is not to say that you should content yourself with allowing your basement to fill with water, as your sump pit and sump pump combo can get rid of that water for you. Preventing water from getting into your home in the first place is still a goal well worth pursuing. If you have a high water table, though, and there is just no way of eliminating the risk of water getting in, then a sump pump just may be your best line of defense.

As is the case with any plumbing system component, though, you must remember that choosing the right sump pump for your particular needs is absolutely necessary. Working with a professional plumber will ensure that this is the case. There is no point in investing in a sump pump if that sump pump will not be able to satisfy your expectations. When you hire Resolve Rooter, you can count on us taking the time to help you to better understand your options.

When the appropriate sump pump has been chosen, we will install it with the care and quality workmanship that define our services. Call now if you think that you may require a sump pump in Scranton.

Indicators that You Need a Commercial Plumbing Replacement

March 19th, 2015

Just as you would in your own home, you must keep your plumbing system in any commercial properties that you may own in fine working condition. It does not matter what type of business you may be in. You need to ensure that your clients, employees, tenants, and anyone else finding themselves in your commercial property has access to a hygienic and reliable plumbing system. Resolve Rooter can help you to ensure that this is the case.

Of course, you must keep in mind that even the best plumbing equipment, even when serviced by professional plumbers, may falter or even suffer irreparable damages. If this is the case, then you can count on use to complete you commercial plumbing replacement in Bucks County, PA with the skill and care that we know the job demands. Here are a few signs that you may require a commercial plumbing replacement in your property.

One thing it pays to keep in mind is the fact that not all components within your commercial plumbing system which can be fixed are actually worth fixing. This is especially true if you find yourself scheduling frequent repair services for the same commercial plumbing components or appliances. At some point it may simply make more sense financially for you to replace a commercial water heater, for instance, than it would to continue repairing the same old, beat up model. When our plumbers evaluate your commercial plumbing equipment, you can count on getting the honest opinion of a trained professional about whether or not to repair or replace.

Among the complications that problems with your commercial plumbing system can present is the fact that such issues can be difficult to recognize in the first place. There are always warning signs which can indicate the need for commercial plumbing replacements, though. You just have to know what it is that you are looking for. Foul odors on the property, as well as damp spots on any lawn space, may mean that you have a sewer line in need of replacement. Perhaps you notice that there are wet spots, or even signs of mold growth, on the walls in your building. This could mean that the pipes in that area are leaking and require replacement.

Commercial plumbing systems are vast, and there are a number of different reasons as to why you may need to replace different pieces of the system at different times. One thing is constant, though; you must always schedule any such services with skilled, professional plumbers.

Contact Resolve Rooter when you need professional commercial plumbing replacement services in Bucks County, PA.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Considerations: Location of the Sewer Main

March 13th, 2015

We won’t tell you that a sewer line replacement is ever a particularly convenient service to require. When you flush your toilet and drain your bathtub, it is ultimately your sewer line that that water and waste travels to. From there, it makes its way to the sewer main, bound for the municipal treatment center. Trenchless sewer line replacement services in Montgomery County, PA allow for our plumbers to replace your sewer line in a much more convenient fashion than ever before. However, there are still a lot of variables to consider. One of these is the location of the sewer main into which your sign line feeds wastewater. If you suspect the need for a sewer line replacement, contact Resolve Rooter today.

There was a time during which the replacement of a sewer line required that a trench be dug along the entire length of that line on your property. With trenchless technology, though, a pit is simply excavated at each end of this pipe, meaning that the disruption to your property can be minimized, along with the cost of the service. This does not, mean, though, that you will definitely not encounter further complications before the job is done. If the sewer main, into which your sewer line must connect, is located beneath the street, as is sometimes the case in older neighborhoods, it is possible that a section of the street will have to be cut out to allow for access. Needless to say, and whether you like it or not, because it is your plumbing system demanding the work, it is your bank account that will be responsible for providing the funds if this is the case.

More often, though, sewer lines are located near the curb, being buried between 3 and 15 feet down. In such instances, removal of any sections of the street is not necessary. However, a plumber may still need to bore down under the street in order to reach main. When you consider all of the other variables at play, minimizing the extent of the disturbance in your own back yard by utilizing trenchless methodology is even more appealing.

We are the professional plumbers that you can count on for truly exceptional trenchless sewer line replacement in Montgomery County, PA. Whatever the situation may be, you can expect our plumbers to ensure that the job is done as quickly and with the highest level of quality as possible.

If you have problems with your sewer line that ultimately necessitate its replacement, call Resolve Rooter today.

Just How is a Water Softener Installed?

March 12th, 2015

If you have hard water in your home, resulting in the buildup of unsightly mineral deposits, soap scum, and other problems, then a water softener in Warminster is a great investment to consider. While you may not think that hard water is all that serious a problem, or that it is at least something that you can put up with for a while, take a moment to reflect upon the fact that the deposits you hate to see on your plumbing fixtures may also be building up within your pipes. With that in mind, give Resolve Rooter a call to schedule your water softener installation with a qualified, professional plumber.

Should you think that a water softener is anything like a water filter which you just snap onto a faucet head, think again. A whole-house water softener is a major appliance which must be professionally installed by a trained professional. Obviously, a water supply must be fed to and from the device. A discharge tube is necessary as well, which functions to purge the minerals removed from the water from the system itself. It may empty into a waste line, a floor drain, or simply into a nearby sink.

A bypass valve lets you shut down the water softener when it requires service without disrupting the flow of water throughout your home, which is an invaluable convenience. If your bypass valve is not properly installed, you will not be able to use water for any purpose while your water softener is out of commission. Now that you have an idea of just how complex a process softening the water that you use in your home actually is, we hope that you also understand just how vital it is that you have it installed professionally.

We understand that there are a lot of very handy homeowners out there. However, we cannot stress enough the fact that professional plumbing services are always and unequivocally in your best interest. If your water softener is not properly installed, your hard water issues will continue even though you made the considerable investment in purchasing that equipment. Plus, you risk water leaks and other plumbing problems that can put the condition of your home, as well as your water usage budget, at risk.

Make the right choice, and schedule your water softener installation and services with a trained professional on the Resolve Rooter staff.

Let Us Complete Your Bathroom Plumbing Installation Services

March 6th, 2015

Are you adding a new bathroom onto your home? Are you sick and tired of seeing the same old faucets and fixtures that you’ve been staring at for years when you enter your bathroom in the morning? Do you just want to install a newer, more modern looking shower or a low flow toilet to save water? Whatever sort of bathroom plumbing installation you may be considering, it is important that you enlist the services that only a trained professional can offer if you hope to get the job done right. That is why you should call the Bucks County bathroom plumbing professionals here at Resolve Rooter. We will help you to find the right fixtures for your bathroom, and we will have them operating precisely as you need them to in order to get the most from the plumbing system in your bathroom.

If you attempt to install any plumbing fixtures in your bathroom on your own, or if you entrust unqualified individuals to do so, you risk doing serious damage to your plumbing system as a whole. It is vital that any such fixtures are integrated into your home properly and professional, lest leaks develop and you suffer the headaches of water damage in your home. Additionally, you really don’t want to throw off the water pressure in your system by failing to properly installed the right type of equipment. This can adversely impact your plumbing system at large.

Problems with the water coming from your faucets aren’t the only issues that you run the risk of encountering if you fail to schedule professional bathroom plumbing installation services, though. After all, that water must go somewhere when you are done with it. If your drains are not properly connected, or if your toilet is not able to flush effectively and successfully, then you will encounter unsavory and unhygienic issues. For these reasons, professional bathroom plumbing installation is a must.

The good news is that bathroom plumbing installation services of the highest quality are never more than a phone call away. Just let Resolve Rooter know what it is that you need.

When our professional plumbers complete your bathroom plumbing installation in Bucks County, PA, you can always count on the job being done right every step of the way.

Who Needs Professional Commercial Drain Cleaning Services?

March 5th, 2015

Any commercial property owner, assuming that he or she is honest with him or herself, will readily admit to the fact that owning commercial property means that you need some professional assistance from time to time. This is certainly the case when it comes to maintaining a great performance from one’s commercial plumbing system. Among the most common issues that the commercial property owner will face with his or her plumbing system is the clogging of drains. In any such event, scheduling professional commercial drain cleaning services in Radnor, PA is, without exception, the right move to make. This is the only way that you can rest assured in knowing that your commercial drain cleaning services are thorough and effectively completed. Contact Resolve Rooter today if you suspect that you need your commercial drains cleaned out.

When commercial property owners first notice that their drains are moving slowly or that they are backed up entirely, they may run out to the hardware store to buy corrosive chemical cleaners. This is not the right move to make, though. These cleaners are dependent upon the pull of gravity in their operation, which means that they may just clear out enough of a clog in order to pass through, leaving much behind that will re-accumulate quickly. They are also not good for the environment.

By hiring a professional to clean out your commercial drains, on the other hand, you can ensure that the job is done effectively and thoroughly. This is because professional commercial plumbers have the tools, technology, and expertise necessary to see to it that your drains are cleaned properly. Our plumbers not only have drain snaking equipment, but can also use commercial high pressure water jetters in order to blast away blockages within your drains, no matter how far down the line they may be. We can also pinpoint the location of such blockages, as well as inspect the results of the cleaning process, with video pipe inspection technology. That way we know for certain if and when the job is truly done according to our highest standards.

Resolve Rooter is happy to help you keep the water flowing down the drains in your commercial property effectively. When you work with us, your plumbing system is truly in capable hands. If you are wondering who needs professional commercial drain cleaning services, then the answer is: all commercial property owners, yourself included!

To learn more about how we can clean your drains or to schedule your commercial drain cleaning services in Radnor, PA with a professional plumber on our staff, just give us a call.

What does a Grease Trap Do?

February 27th, 2015

Everyone knows how important it is that their plumbing systems deliver fresh, potable water throughout their homes and/or commercial properties. For some reason, though, people tend to give less thought to the drainage systems in their properties: at least, that is, until a problem develops with these systems. Once this happens, it becomes painfully clear very quickly just how vital the proper functioning of a drainage system really is to the daily routine. Drains can back up and suffer operational issues for a number of reasons. In the kitchen, clogs related to the accumulation of grease are common catalysts for such catastrophes. If you are serious about keeping grease out of your drains, then using a grease trap in your Bucks County, VA property may be a good idea.

A grease trap, or grease interceptor, as such devices are also called, does pretty much exactly what you’d expect: it intercepts and traps grease entering your drainage system. Most all wastewater contains some small amount of oils. However, the water used to clean dishes, pots, and pans, particularly in commercial settings, can be especially laden with grease and fats. This is why grease traps are most commonly put to use in the commercial sector, though some residences may use grease traps as well. While it may feel good to cleanse such dishes of grease, letting that grease into a water disposal system can be very problematic. Grease and fat are liquids when hot; however, they will cool and congeal within a drainage system. This can cause serious backups in your drains, and can even lead to plumbing damages. It is the job of the grease interceptor to ensure that this is not the case.

When greasy water makes its way into the grease trap, solids sink to the bottom of the trap while the oils, fats, and grease rise tot the top. The mostly grease-free water passes through the trap. The solids and grease are left behind, and must be removed on a routine basis. These maintenance requirements, and the operation of the grease trap in general, do not differ too much from those of the septic tank. And, as is the case with any septic tank, only a professional plumber can service a grease trap.

We can install, repair, and clean any grease trap that you may utilize. If you think that you’d benefit from a grease trap in your property, contact us today to discuss available options.

Resolve Rooter is the company to turn to when you require any grease trap services in the Bucks County, PA area.

Signs That You Need a Water Softener Installed

February 26th, 2015

If you think that there must be water spraying all over your bathroom or filling up your basement in order for there to be a problem with your plumbing system, then you are sorely mistaken. There are a lot of different ways in which your plumbing system may be compromised. There are also a number of problems which may develop with your water supply itself which can put the condition of your plumbing system, as well as its performance quality, at risk. One such problem is hard water. While some people believe hard water to be little more than a nuisance, it is actually a pretty serious issue that can have very real consequences if left unresolved. Fortunately, with the installation of a quality water softener in Radnor, PA, you can successfully soften the water that you use in your home. Call Resolve Rooter to schedule service.

Before scheduling a water softener installation, of course, it helps to be able to spot the signs that you are dealing with hard water to begin with. Hard water can manifest in a number of different ways. One of the most common is the buildup of mineral deposits on your plumbing fixtures. Hard water is simply water with too much mineral content in it. When you have hard water coming from your taps and your shower head, these minerals can build up and leave behind green and white deposits. Not only is this a rather unattractive look for your faucets and fixtures, but these deposits can also build up within your pipes as well.

When your pipes are tightening up due to mineral deposits therein, the pressure within your plumbing system can be upset. This can lead to some very serious issues, ranging from fluctuations in water pressure when showering to damage to your pipes and connections themselves. By keeping your water soft with a water softener, you can avoid such issues.

Hard water may also have an off taste, and can make it hard to work up a good lather with soap. It can also be tough to thoroughly rinse your hair after washing it. As you can see by now, there is no circumstance in which hard water is a welcome guest in any home.

If you encounter any of these symptoms, you may benefit greatly from the installation of a water softener in Radnor, PA. Call Resolve Rooter today to discuss your options.

Should I Clean My Drains on My Own?

February 20th, 2015

Your drains may not be a part of your home you think about frequently, unless yours are prone to clogs. But whether it’s been a while since a major drain clog has affected you or if it seems that your drains clog far too frequently, you could benefit from professional service for your drains. Drain cleaning involves the use of specialized tools and equipment which can help to prevent clogs from occurring, on top of clearing out clogs which already exist.

Many homeowners have attempted to clean their drains using store-bought drain cleaning chemicals. The sales pitch is certainly appealing—you pour it down the drain and clogs disappear. Yet, in most cases, these chemicals cannot dissolve every potential type of clog. Besides, these are some of the most toxic chemicals available to consumers, and may cause injury as well as damage your pipes.

Anytime you attempt to clean out the drains without the proper expertise and tools, you risk damages to your plumbing system. Without thorough knowledge of a home plumbing system and the right inspection equipment, you could end up dismantling the wrong pipes, leaving a mess on your property and a lot of extra repair work for you.

Professionals have an array of tools and are ready for any type of drain cleaning job, big or small. If you need to target a specific area of blockage, the plumber may use a large professional grade drain snake which can latch onto clogs or break them up so that they move into the sewer. Or, it may be that you want to clean out every portion of your drains. In this case, high pressure water jetting is best. A thin hose jets out water at a high pressure to blast away stuck-on grease and debris so that they clogging is stopped before it started.

One of the best ways to keep your home protected is with regular drain cleaning services from professional tools that won’t injure your family, your pipes, or the environment.

Resolve Rooter specializes in drain cleaning in Warminster PA using video camera inspection for diagnosis and evaluation and high pressure water jetting for drain clog prevention and removal.

Tools Professionals Use to Detect Leaks

February 20th, 2015

When there are leaks in your plumbing system, it may not be immediately apparent. Leaks don’t always make themselves evident, and you may not notice some of the signs. Sometimes, leaks in the plumbing system lead to water pooling on the floors or outside, so you can easily locate the trouble. Other times, you may notice reduced water pressure from your sinks or showers points to a specific portion of your plumbing system at fault. But sometimes you won’t know where the problem is, or even that one exists. This is when it’s important to seek out experts for leak detection.

We waste a lot of water in this country that isn’t even used for any purpose.  In fact, in the typical home, anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water leaks from the plumbing system each year. Often, this is due to leaks that go completely undetected. The best way to prevent this issue from occurring is by calling a professional to your home every year or so for professional leak detection. Professionals have access to tools that can help them determine the exact location of leaks, tools which may be far too costly for the average homeowner untrained in how to use them.

  • Audio Devices: High-tech listening devices allow the plumber to hone in on the exact location of leaks. Water will make a distinct noise at the point where it leaves the pipes, and the acoustic equipment assists in tracking down this location, even through thick concrete slabs.
  • Pressure and Heat Sensing Equipment: Your water supply remains at a consistent pressure so that water can easily flow from faucets. This pressure drops significantly with any leak, and temperature changes may take place as well. Heat and pressure sensing equipment can help the technician to locate where these factors change.
  • Video Cameras: In some special cases, visual assistance is needed, and a technician inserts a fiber-optic cable into the pipes with a camera attached. They view a live feed of the issue so that they not only know where the leak is, but also the size of the leak as well.

At Resolve Rooter, our technicians have everything they need for leak detection in Radnor. Call our skilled team today!