Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Your Own Electrical Conduit Installation

November 23rd, 2015

All of the electricity that your home uses has to come from somewhere. Any time you turn on a light or start up your computer, you are making use of electricity that flows into your home through an electrical conduit buried on your property. If you want to add a building onto your property, or you are building an entirely new home, you are going to likely need a new electrical conduit. You may be tempted to try installing it yourself, rather than dealing with a professional contractor. This is a very bad idea. Read on to find out why you need to trust a professional with your electrical conduit installation. Continue Reading

When to Call for Water Line Replacement

November 17th, 2015

Your water line is meant to last for around a century, with proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, that often isn’t the case. There is a whole range of different issues that can cut the life of your water line short. Since your water line is buried, it can be very difficult to identify when your water line is in need of replacement. Read on for some of the signs that you need to watch for. Continue Reading

How Trenchless Technology Works

November 16th, 2015

It is Monday, and that means it is time for another recap of the benefits of trenchless technology. If you have a problem that requires getting to your water, sewer, or electrical lines, don’t schedule trench services quite yet. Read on for some information about how trenchless technology works, and why it is a superior option to trench technology. Continue Reading

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Trenchless Technology

November 10th, 2015

There are a number of lines that connect your home to the city. The water line, which brings fresh water into your home, the sewer line, which takes waste out of your home, and the electrical conduit, which connects your home to the power grid. These lines are mostly buried underground for the sake of safety and aesthetics, which is all well and good most of the time. What about when you have a problem with one of the lines, though? What happens when you need to replace one? In that case, you should make use of trenchless technology. Let’s conduct a comparative cost-benefit analysis of trenchless technology and trench technology. Continue Reading

Water Line Problems You May Need Trenchless Technology

November 9th, 2015

Your water line is built to last quite a long time. With the right maintenance and care, it can last up to a hundred years! However, many problems can shorten the water line’s lifespan. If your water line becomes afflicted with one of these problems, you may need trenchless pipe repair or replacement services. Let’s take a look at some of the problems that can harm your water line. Continue Reading

How Often Should You Schedule Video Pipe Inspection?

November 3rd, 2015

We have covered the benefits of video pipe inspection before, and how it can help prevent catastrophic failure in your pipes. A lot of people have been asking us how often they should schedule video pipe inspection, considering its obvious benefits. We figured now would be a good time to go over video pipe inspection once more, and how often you should schedule it. Read on to find out. Continue Reading

Why Lime Scale Is Such a Threat to Your Pipes

November 2nd, 2015

We have discussed lime scale in great detail over the past year, and how it can lead to pipe replacement. What we haven’t done yet, however, is go into detail about why lime scale does so much damage to the pipes. Let’s take a closer look at lime scale, where it comes from, and why it is a huge threat to the well-being of your pipes. Continue Reading

Prevent the Need for Pipe Replacement with Video Pipe Inspection

October 27th, 2015

No matter what you do, you can’t make your pipes last forever. This goes for both your water and sewer lines as well. However, you can take steps to make sure that they last as long as possible. One of the best ways to do this is with video pipe inspection. Let’s take a look at what video pipe inspection is, and how it can prevent the need for early pipe replacement. Continue Reading

Signs You Need Sewer Line Replacement

October 26th, 2015

Your sewer line is designed to last a pretty long time, around a century with proper maintenance and a bit of luck. Unfortunately, not all of us are that lucky. If you live in a home that’s older or you have certain environmental issues in the surrounding area, you may have to replace your sewer line a lot sooner. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you need to have your sewer line replaced. Continue Reading

Help! My Water Pressure Is Dropping!

October 20th, 2015

A drop in water pressure is one of the biggest indications that your water line is in serious trouble. There are a number of different things that could be causing it, some easy to repair and some not. What matters, though, is that you have a professional examine your system as soon as you notice this happening. Whatever the problem is, the sooner it gets fixed, the better. While you’re waiting for the plumber to arrive, though, there are a few things that you can check that might give a clue as to what the problem is. Let’s take a look at some of those things now. Continue Reading