How Often Should I Get Drain Cleaning?

The drains in your home are an important part of your daily life, and that means they receive an enormous amount of stress. Your drainpipes will soon start to develop a build-up of small organic and inorganic debris along their interiors. Mineral from hard water will also contribute to this problem. If left without cleaning, your drains will start to become slow, and eventually clog entirely. You don’t want to wait until a full clog happens before calling on the services of a professional plumber. If it’s a clog you can’t eliminate with a basic plunger, you may be stuck with a nonfunctioning sink until the plumber arrives to clear it out.

This is why you should schedule regular drain cleaning to have your pipes cleansed before any serious problems arise. Regular drain cleaning will also make your pipes more resistant to clogging in the future. Call Resolve Rooter for expert drain cleaning in Allentown, PA. We can handle your emergency clogs as well as your long-term planning to keep your plumbing working well for you.

How often should you have your drains cleaned? You should make it part of your regular maintenance that you schedule annually for your plumbing. (You are having annual plumbing maintenance done, aren’t you?) A drain cleaning is more than a plumber removing potential clogs and clearing out debris. The plumber will thoroughly inspect your drains and use a high-tech camera system to search for damage and build-up inside the pipe.

Please keep in mind that drain cleaning isn’t something you can do on your own with a bottle of so-called “drain cleaner” found on the shelf of a grocery store. These acidic chemicals may eat away at smaller clogs, but they can also damage your pipe’s interior—not exactly the “cleaning” you want. Professionals at drain cleaning instead use non-toxic and environmentally friendly compounds to assist in cleaning your pipes. In addition, professionals make use of equipment such as mechanical drain snakes and high pressure water jets to thoroughly cleanse your drains without causing damage to them.

Resolve Rooter uses all the best tools available to give you quality drain cleaning in Allentown, PA. We have many years of experience with drain cleaning. We offer advantages of same day service, flat-rate pricing, and a 6-month guarantee on all our residential repair jobs. Call us 24 hours a day when you need the assistance of a skilled plumber.

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