How to Tell if You Need Repiping: A Montgomery County Plumber’s Tip

Sometimes the things that we depend on every day but cannot see get put on the backburner. That is why systems such as our plumbing or ductwork tend to be ignored. When a problem develops with these types of unseen systems, though, they become a lot more difficult to ignore. Old, corroded or damaged pipes in your home have the potential to do serious damage. At Resolve Rooter, we want to help you protect your Montgomery County home. If you notice any of these warning signs then it may be time for professional repiping service in your house.

One of the most obvious warning signs that you need to schedule repiping service is the presence of water leaks in your home. If you notice water pooling in any area of your house you need to call a professional plumber immediately. Not only do water leaks lead to water damage, but even small leaks can cost you a lot of money in water bills.

Of course, water leaks can happen in any area of your home plumbing system. This means that you may not be able to see the water leak. This does not mean, though, that there is no way for you to be alerted to the presence of this leak. If you notice a decrease in water pressure or an increase in your water bills without any change in water usage, you likely have a leak. A professional plumber will be able to assess the seriousness of this leak and your pipes themselves to determine if repiping is necessary.

Pipes do not need to leak or burst in order to justify repiping service. Sometimes the quality of your water alone is enough to make this judgment. If your water is of poor quality, has a lot of sediment in it or is discolored, your pipes may be to blame. Pipes degrade over time, after all, and the corrosion of your pipes or the buildup of contaminants may be best resolved with repiping.

For more information about repiping services in your Montgomery County home, call the expert plumbers at Resolve Rooter. Our goal is to make your home as comfortable and convenient as possible. Schedule service today to give us that opportunity.


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