Is Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Right for My Home? A Plumbing Question from East Windsor

A sewer line replacement is a big job, no matter how you look at it. However, modern technology has made it a lot less obtrusive than it ever was before. If your home needs a sewer line replacement, be sure to discuss your trenchless sewer line replacement options with an expert East Windsor plumber from Resolve Rooter. This amazing technology not only allows for a new sewer line to be installed on your property quickly, but also greatly reduces the headache that once came along with the process.

Not too long ago a sewer line replacement was a costly, time consuming process. An excavation of the sewer line was necessary, running the entire length of the pipe. This meant that anything above that sewer line, including valued trees, gardens, lawn space and even concrete pathways would have to be dug up.

Professional sewer line replacement experts have newer, more efficient methods of replacing a sewer line today, thankfully. Trenchless sewer line replacement technology eliminates the need for virtually all of the excavation that used to be necessary with a sewer line replacement. Now two pits, one at each end of the section of pipe being replaced, are all that require digging. In order to replace the pipe a very powerful machine pulls a new pipe into place from one end of the old pipe. There are a few different methods to achieve this type of replacement.

Depending on the material of you existing pipe a pipe-bursting or splitting head may be pulled through ahead of the new pipe. This head will split or break apart the old pipe, making room for the new one to be installed. In some cases the new pipe will be pulled through and will actually force the old pipe out of the space entirely. Either way, you wind up with a brand new sewer line that is connected to existing hookups. Your lawn will not be torn apart, and only two small pits need to be filled back in.

If you need a new sewer line replacement in East Windsor, call the trenchless pipe replacement experts at Resolve Rooter today. We’ll assess your property and help decide if a trenchless sewer line replacement is right for your home.

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