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Benefits of Water Softeners to Plumbing in Newtown

Monday, April 7th, 2014

A water softening system helps remove calcium, magnesium and other mineral deposits that make up hard water. Plumbing in Newtown and other communities in the area often suffer from hard water. You can probably spot signs of it by checking your faucets or shower heads for white crusty build-up. A water filtration system can take care of that, reducing the build-up to an absolute minimum and preventing clogs in your fixtures. But that’s only one of the benefits of water softeners to plumbing in Newtown. Here’s a brief list of some others.

If you’re experiencing problems with hard water and think a water softener will help, give us a call today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Extended life for your plumbing. Without hard water deposits, your plumbing system, appliances and fixtures will last longer and suffer less corrosion. That means your plumbing will last longer and reduce the risk of breaches and other problems.
  • Improved laundry. Hard water can have an extremely detrimental effect on your clothing. The colors will fade, the threads will warp and you may find your clothes rougher to the touch than they might be otherwise. Water softeners will leave your clothes looking brighter and lasting longer, while making them far more comfortable to wear.
  • Cleaner dishes. If you get a lot of spots on your dishes, it’s likely caused at least in part by hard water. Water softeners will get rid of that, helping yours dishes sparkle and reducing wear on them.
  • Cleaner you. Hard water isn’t dangerous, but it can irritate your skin after a long shower. It also intermingles with soap and increases the possibility of clogs in the drain. A water softener will eliminate that, helping to keep your skin soft and clean when you shower or bathe.

The benefits of water softeners to plumbing in Newtown will only work if you hire the right plumber to do the job. At Resolve Rooter, we have tons of experience installing and repairing water softeners, and we know how to find the right system for you.

Benefits of Hiring a Plumber to Perform Water Heater Maintenance

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Water heaters are the unsung heroes of the household, diligently providing safe hot water for years on end. A regular maintenance session is key to helping your water heater perform at its best, and can be completed by any plumbing service with the required expertise. If you’re in the market for a plumber, Newtown and surrounding communities have their share, but you want to make sure they can provide the right advantages to your water heater. Here are the benefits of hiring a plumber to perform water heater maintenance.

  • Professional attention
    You may understand that something is wrong if there are odd noises coming from your water heater or it isn’t heating the water as quickly as you’d like. But it takes a trained professional to spot the sources of those symptoms. A regular maintenance session allows them to do that and then schedule a proper repair service before it causes more damage than you can fix.
  • Higher efficiency
    A maintenance session acts as a tune up of sorts for the water heater, and allows such fundamental adjustments as switching out the anode rode and flushing any build-up out of the system. That allow the water heater to do its job much more efficiently, saving you money on monthly bills as well as creating fewer problems when bringing you your hot water.
  • Extended life of the unit
    Maintenance lowers the possibility or repairs to your unit, as well as helping you stave off rust and similar forms of wear and tear. Over time, that can translate to extra months or even years of life, helping you make the most out of your investment.

For more benefits of hiring a plumber to perform water heater maintenance, or to schedule a session for your water heater, call the experts at Resolve Rooter. If you’re interested in improving your water heater’s performance, contact us today to make an appointment!

We’re the last word when it comes to plumbing in Newtown, and we’re dedicated to leaving a satisfied customer with every service call.

If You’ve Experienced This in Your Home, Call a Plumber

Monday, January 20th, 2014

There are a few small plumbing problems around your house that you can fix yourself. Change a leaky gasket on a faucet. Use a sink or toilet plunger to clear out a minor clog. But most plumbing problems require training and special tools to remedy, and trying to work on them on your own can lead to serious damage to your plumbing and massive leaks.

Here are a few problems you may encounter in your home’s plumbing that definitely require you call a professional plumber immediately. Resolve Rooter is ready to send a plumber in Yardley, PA to help with these issues any time of the day or night. Remember, “One Call Resolves It All!”

Signs of serious plumbing problems that need a professional plumber

  • Consistent drain clogs: An occasional clog in a sink now and then is normal, and usually a sink plunger can fix it. But if clogs are showing up in your drains continually, either in one drain or in multiple drains around the house, it can indicate trouble. One possibility is that your plumbing needs thorough cleaning to eliminate a thick lining of organic build-up. Another possibility is that a break in the sewer line has caused the drains to back up. This needs attention as soon as possible before the sewer line break causes sewage to enter your home’s foundations.
  • Pipe leaking of any kind: When you find a leaking pipe, whether it’s “pinhole leaks” along its length, or leaks from the connections, it’s almost a guarantee that there are other leaks elsewhere in your home that you cannot see. Leaks waste water, threaten building material, and will continue to expand unless dealt with. A plumber will need to seal the leaks and locate the cause of the problem.
  • Water won’t turn on: Although it’s always possible that a failure for the water to come on is because of a temporary shut-off for construction, most of the time it means a break in the water main entering your home. The water waste for this will be immense, and you’ll be stuck without water until it is repaired.

Call a plumber… 24/7!

At Resolve Rooter, we always have trained plumbers available to help you with whatever emergency has struck your plumbing. Leak sealing, pipe replacements, drain unclogging, sewer line repairs… we can handle the trouble. When you think you need a plumber in Yardley, PA, you probably do: call Resolve Rooter.

The History of the Modern Day Plumbing System

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

“The greatest thing since indoor plumbing!”

It’s one of the oldest stock phrases still hanging around today, but it reminds us how amazing indoor plumbing actually is, and what a difference it makes in our everyday lives. But when we say “…since indoor plumbing,” what are we really talking about? Did indoor plumbing burst onto the world in a single moment like the invention of television or the telephone?

No, plumbing was not a single “invention.” Plumbing of some kind has existed since the start of city-dwelling. The modern plumbing system comes from an overlapping series of innovations. Our Resolve Rooter plumbers would like to share with you a short history of how we got to the Greatest Thing by which all other Greatest Things (except sliced bread) are measured.

Make sure you keep Resolve Rooter in mind when you need plumbing in Allentown, PA.

A brief history of modern plumbing

There’s no clear marker of “modern” when it comes to plumbing, but the use of galvanized iron pipes is a good enough place to start. A French chemist named Melouin has received credit for developing these pipes in 1742, although they may have existed before then. Philadelphia was the first U.S. city to use cast iron pipes for water lines in 1804, although it wasn’t until 1819 that cast iron pipes were manufactured in this country. In 1830, New York City installed the first public water main—originally a step taken to combat fires, but which allowed residents access to running water.

Copper pipes were a key part of the spread of plumbing in the 20th century: because copper is lightweight, rigid, and resists bacterial growth, it was ideal for residential use. Early, heavy-walled copper was only useful for public buildings because the cost was prohibitive. But the early 1930s introduced light-gauge copper, and indoor plumbing became accessible to most homes.

It was in 1900 that the modern and sanitary “water closet,” or toilet, started to become available; this revolutionized the development of separate bathrooms in homes, which paralleled the development of the bathtub and the easy access to running water. Sanitary measures and better sewage methods increased to combat diseases such as dysentery. One particular virulent outbreak of dysentery in Chicago at the 1933 World’s Fair made it clear that plumbing work required highly trained and specialized plumbers to ensure safety for large numbers of people.

The next step in pipe development was PVC piping (polyvinyl chloride). BF Goodrich Co. began manufacturing plasticized PVC pipes in the 1920s. Copper remained dominant for plumbing until the second half of the 20th century, when price increases for copper made PVC a more attractive option. In 1966, plastic piping was introduced for use because of the increasing shortage of copper.

Much more to the story…

This only scratches the surface of the innovations, in the U.S. and the U.K. (there was a sort of “sanitation arms race” occurring around the water closet) and other parts of the world that resulted in the efficient and safe systems we have today. Keep in mind that, no matter how complex modern plumbing is, the experts at Resolve Rooter can handle your plumbing issue needs.

Should My Water Heater Leak Like That?

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Should my water heater leak like that?” Regardless of the situation, the answer is probably “no.” Water heaters are designed to be self-contained systems and any water leak is probably a signed that something is worn. In some cases, the “leak” may just be condensation created by a difference in temperature between the inside of the water heater and the outside. Otherwise, you’re probably looking at a leak. A Burlington plumber can usually address leaks fairly quickly. But it helps if you, the homeowner, has some understanding of how the leak arises.

Hopefully, the leak stems from an improper fitting between pipe components, or in spots like the drain valve which can be quickly identified and replaced. The causes of such a leak are myriad, but often stem from worn seals and fittings. In some cases, excess water pressure can make those issue worse, as the breach is opened further thanks to the heightened pressure. Check and adjust your water pressure before contacting a service technician in these case.

A more serious problem can arise if the water tank itself develops a breach. This usually speak to a significant underlying issue, which can mean replacing the entire water heater in order to fix the problem. For example: sediment and build-up can accrue at the base of the tank over time. This acts as a barrier between the heat and the water you need warmed, which in turn increases strain on the outside of the heater (since it’s subjected to greater amounts of heat do make up for the difference). Or the anode rod inside the heater may have corroded to the point where it can no longer do its job, resulting in rust and corrosion on the inside of the water heater itself. In both cases, a little preventative maintenance can help resolve the problem before it starts. Otherwise, you may need to place for a new water heater.

So if you’re asking “is some leaking normal with water heaters?” you probably need to call a plumbing company as soon as possible to look into potential issues. Did you know the professionals at Resolve Rooter offer plumbing services in Burlington? We can handle water heater issues of all varieties, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Common Plumbing Problems Caused from Hard Water Damage

Friday, November 1st, 2013

In Warminster, plumbing problems sometimes stem from hard water. Groundwater sources form the basis of our water supply, which means that minerals can slip into the water very easily. Our civic water company does a good job of filtering out those contaminants, but sometimes, hard water can still slip through. When it does, your plumbing system can suffer some significant issues.

Here’s a list of common plumbing problems caused from hard water damage.

The most obvious sign of damage is the calcification that takes place on your faucets and shower heads. You’ve probably noticed this as a white crusty formation, which blocks the flow of water and can force you to replace the heads if you don’t periodically clean the formations off. Something similar can easily take place inside your pipes as well: damaging them with slow wear and tear and eventually blocking the water flow if they’re allowed to build up. That can cause problems beyond the simple cost of repair. Restricted water flow interferes with the plumbing system’s efficiency, and can raise your monthly water bills as well.

Scale and hard water build-ups can cause even more damage in your water heater. Mineral deposits in the heater interfere with the warming process, which makes it harder for you to get hot water for cooking and showers. That too raises your monthly bills, as well as reducing the life expectancy of your water heater.

Correcting hard water problems can be both easy and hard. You can’t fix the issue with standard drain cleaners and it can be difficult (if not impossible) for a professional to scour hard water deposits from the inside of your pipes, even with the very best of drain cleaning experience. On the other hand, by installing a water filtration system or water softener system in your home, a plumber can reduce your hard water problems to a minimum, preventing them from coming up in the future.

For these and other Warminster plumbing problems, the experts at Resolve Rooter are here to help. We handle common plumbing problems cause from hard water damage, and can discuss long-term solutions with you as well as fixing the immediate problem. Pick up the phone and call us today.

How to Find a Great Plumber

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Your plumber can be as important to you as your doctor or car mechanic. Most people don’t have to deal with plumbing problems every day, and when they do, they need someone they can trust working on the problem. Your plumber needs to take care of the issue efficiently and charge a fair price for his or her services. When you locate a quality plumber in Willow Grove, it takes a lot of the worry out of the issue. On the other hand, if you have to hunt around, you’re invariably rolling the dice when it comes to honesty and quality of service. In Willow Grove, plumber services are thick on the ground.

Here’s how to find a great plumber that you can rely on.

  • Qualifications. A good plumber will possess all of the right licenses and qualifications, able to prove his credentials instead of relying on empty platitudes. On top of that, you should check your plumber’s references – often posted on his website – from former customers speaking about their experience and expertise.
  • Availability. When a problem arises with your plumbing, you can’t always wait until morning to get it addressed. A good plumber offers 24-hour services and can arrive at your doorstep on short notice, before your bathroom or kitchen gets completely flooded with water.
  • Reliability. Ethical plumbers will provide an estimate of how much the work will cost before they start, so you know exactly what’s entailed in the repairs. They’ll also offer a warranty on their services to make sure the things they fix stay fixed and preventing you from having to pay more to correct the same problem.

At Resolve Rooter, we’ve served western New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania for over 15 years. Our qualified personnel offer free estimates and 24-hour service, making sure you get the help you need and know exactly what’s involved before we get to work. We keep up with the latest trends in technology, offering such services as trenchless water line replacement, that save you time and money. If you’re reading this, chances are you already know how to find a great plumber.

Give us a call today: Willow Grove plumber services don’t come any more qualified!

How to Tell If Your Plumbing System Is Worn Beyond Repair

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

The piping, fixtures, faucets and plumbed appliances that comprise your plumbing system are part of what makes your home modern. The advent of extensive indoor plumbing systems is relatively recent, although plumbing itself has been evolving for thousands of years. But there may come a time when your residential plumbing system is beyond repair, and further action needs to be taken to restore the comfort and convenience of your home. Multiple leaks, clogs, and frequent repairs are all signs that you may need to consider professional plumbing replacement services rather than having your system repaired.

When your plumbing system gives up, make sure that you hire a professional Newtown plumbing expert to give you a professional opinion.

Signs That Your Plumbing System Needs to Be Replaced

  • Multiple leaks. Make sure to have your plumbing system inspected by a professional so that any issues can be discovered before they do damage. Water is an essential resource for much of what they do around the home, but it needs to be controlled. A leak here and there can be repaired by a professional, but if you find that you have multiple leaks throughout the home, then you may want to consult with a professional about whole-house repiping services. Such issues may be repaired, but there comes a time when the piping material has failed completely.
  • Multiple clogs.With professional drain cleaning services, you can often keep your drainpipes clean and clear of debris throughout their service life. But clogs can slowly build up over time, especially if you are unable to keep hair and grease out of the pipes. Multiple clogs throughout the home could be a sign that your pipes are in rough shape. You need to weigh your options.
  • Frequent repairs. If any part of your plumbing system requires frequent repair services, then it may make more financial sense to have it replaced instead of continuing repairs. Whether it’s your water heater or your kitchen drainpipes, deciding to replace can save you frustration and money in the long-term. But it all depends on the unique circumstancnes of your plumbing system.

There is no easy answer when it comes to deciding whether to replace or repair  your plumbing system. At Resolve Rooter, we can help you make an informed decision.

Call us today for all of your Newtown plumbing needs.

What are the Benefits of Trenchless Technology

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

You may have heard the term “trenchless technology” in reference to plumbing operations. It refers to a way of repairing leaks or broken pipes beneath the ground without digging a trench. The practice has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. In Allentown, PA, trenchless technology pays particular dividends, since the winters create myriad problems like burst pipes but the ground is often too cold to dig efficiently. So what, specifically, are the benefits of trenchless technology? Let’s take a look.

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In the first place, trenchless technology spares your yard the wear and tear of getting dug up. A trench can decimate nearby trees and plants, ruining the aesthetics of your property and creating a big mess in the process. If sidewalks or walkways are involved, it means tearing up chunks of cement as well as depriving you of access corridors. Trenchless technology avoids all of that while still getting the job done right: you can continue to access your home while work is conducted, local roadways won’t be affected, and one or two small holes are much easier to fill in than a long trench.

Then there’s the question of cost. Traditional trenches depend on heavy machinery operating with great effort. A lot of manual labor is required and the time involved could end up costing you a great deal. Trenchless technology cuts down on that: requiring fewer pieces of equipment and less man hours to perform. Furthermore, once the pipes are repaired, you don’t have to wait for the crew to re-cover them before turning your water on again.

If you’re living in Allentown, PA, trenchless technology will save you time and money over traditional repairs. That’s why you want to contact a professional who understands the ins and out of trenchless technology: who views it as a staple of the business instead of just something they might want to look into someday. The experts at Resolve Rooter specialize in trenchless technology, able to pinpoint the source of your problem and create a lasting solution without turning your yard into a construction zone.

Contact us today and let us show you what we can do!

Why Don’t All Plumbing Companies Offer Dig Free Sewer Line Replacement?

Friday, July 26th, 2013

It is difficult to argue with the convenience of dig free sewer line replacement in Eastern Pennsylvania. While a sewer line replacement is never something you necessarily want to deal with it, it is an issue that many homeowners are forced to. When it comes to a sewer line replacement, there are many different problems and issues that may necessitate such a service. One thing is always the same, though: you need professional service immediately. The sewer line servicing your home is far too integral to the comfort therein to put off its replacement. Make sure that you schedule a dig free sewer line replacement with Resolve Rooter as soon as you discover a problem with yours, and be sure to let us know if you have any related plumbing questions.

While most companies would love to offer their customers the great convenience of a dig free sewer line replacement, the fact is that not just anyone can. Special equipment is required to perform such a job, and many companies do not have access to that equipment. What sets a dig-free sewer line replacement apart from the traditional approach is the fact that there is no need to excavate the trench above the line in order to complete the replacement. Two pits are dug, one at either side of the pipe to be replaced. Normally this section would have to be pulled up through the trench, but a hydraulic system is able to drag a replacement pipe into place from one pit to another. This trenchless technology bursts the original pipe or may just force it out the other end. Either way, a big mess and considerable financial cost is avoided.

Even if a company had the means to invest in this equipment, there is also the matter of proper training and skill level to consider. Not just anyone can handle this job properly. The many benefits of a dig free sewer line replacement are easily offset if the job is not completed by a skilled, trained professional. When you work with us, our qualifications will never be in question.

For any Eastern Pennsylvania dig free sewer line replacement services you may need, Resolve Rooter is the company to call. We understand that your sewer line plays a vital role in your day to day life. Let us help ensure that your replacement service is as little a disruption as possible.