Morris Plains, NJ Sewer Replacement: Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Sewer Line

The hygiene and comfort of your home environment depends upon the capacity of your sewage system to adequately dispose of waste water. The sewer line is the large pipe that diverts waste water from your home. It is the primary connection in your waste disposal system and may eventually require replacement. To discuss your options, call the Morris Plains, NJ sewer line replacement experts at Resolve Rooter.

  1. Strong smell or visible sewage in your yard. This indicates a serious problem with your sewage disposal system. There are a variety of probable reasons for its occurrence. Call a professional immediately.
  2. Root penetration. The trees in your yard have extensive underground root systems that disperse both vertically and horizontally throughout your yard. It sometimes happens that a root will exert enough pressure against a sewer main to actually penetrate it. This can lead to all sorts of problems, and is a likely candidate for replacement.
  3. Collapsed main. This occurs when the sewer line collapses under the weight of the ground, either due to changes in soil movement, erosion or vegetation. If your sewer line is very old, it may have just deteriorated.
  4. Cracking. Although not a fully-collapsed pipe, a cracked pipe can still leak sewage into the surrounding soil and may eventually collapse.
  5. Clogging. Any pipe can become clogged and your sewer line is no exception. This is the least problematic of the 5 reasons, but the clog may be so severe as to require a pipe-bursting method.

Sewer line replacement used to involve digging up the entire path of the line, but today, trenchless technology is available. Trenchless involves feeding a temporary inflatable bladder through the length of your old pipe. When inflated, an epoxy form creates a new pipe within the old one. Depending on the reason for replacement, this tube can also be fitted with a pipe-bursting cone that precedes the new pipe.

To find out more about your sewer line replacement options, call Resolve Rooter. Our sewer line experts will use various diagnostic devices, like video inspection, to determine what’s wrong with your sewage system in Morris Plains, NJ. Call Resolve Rooter today.

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