What If You Have To Dig Up My Driveway During Sewer Line Repair or Replacement?

Depending on how your home was constructed your sewer line could be a number of different places—including underneath your driveway. If you need New Jersey sewer line repair and replacement and your sewer line is indeed buried under your driveway then you may want to think about calling the dig-free trenchless technology experts at Resolve Rooter. We offer services that can help you avoid digging up your driveway!

However, there are some special circumstances where your driveway would need to have digging, and we wanted to go over some things you should expect.

New Jersey Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

If you need New Jersey sewer line repair and replacement just call Resolve Rooter. Our expert plumbers have years of experience working on all different kinds of sewer line issues. If your sewer line runs under your driveway then we’ll likely have to jackhammer through the asphalt or cement in order to gain access to it.

After we’ve finished repairing or replacing your sewer line we will lay down new cement or asphalt for you. These are a few of the expectations that you should have in mind after that happens.

  • The new cement will look very different from your old cement — We often get asked why the new cement doesn’t look like the old cement. This is because your older cement has had time to dry out completely and get dirty. As the new cement dries and ages it will start to match your older cement.
  • The new cement isn’t flush with the old – The gaps between the new sections and old sections of cement are there intentionally. They’re called expansion gaps. When you walk on a public sidewalk you likely have noticed the straight lines that separate the section of sidewalk. Those expansion gaps are there to allow the cement to dry out and expand over the next few months and even years.

If you need New Jersey sewer line repair and replacement make sure that you work with a professional contractor that is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Here at Resolve Rooter we offer fast, reliable and honest trench and trenchless sewer line services.

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