I’ve Heard About “Intelligent Water Heaters;” Should I have One Installed?

I’ve heard about ‘intelligent water heaters;’ should I have one installed?” That’s a good question, especially if you’re considering replacing your current water heater. Obviously, an intelligent water heater costs more than a standard-issue water heater, but the benefits it provides are tangible. In towns like Media, water heater technology is often tested to the limits, especially in the cold of winter when it really needs to perform. In light of that, what are the benefits of intelligent water heaters? And why are they called intelligent heaters in the first place?

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In the briefest possible terms, intelligent water heaters help you make the most efficient use of your energy. The term “intelligent” usually refers to monitoring devices and gauge designed to alert you to any problems. For example, leak monitors can detect when water levels are dropping, allowing you to call in a repair service before the damage becomes too great and preventing a lot of costly repairs in the bargain.

“Intelligent” may also refer to the anode rod, which is a key component in maintaining the integrity of the heater as a whole. The anode rod keep rust from affecting the sides of the tank, taking it on itself rather than letting it spread to the rest of the system. Anode rods eventually break down, requiring their replacement. An intelligent anode rod, on the other hand, is designed to emit a specific sound when it reaches the end of its lifespan, allowing you to replace it with a new one before rust starts to accrue on the sides of your tank.

Again, such innovations tend to cost a little more, but you could easily save more than that on unnecessary repair bills. If you’ve heard about intelligent water heaters and are asking “should I have one installed?” then call on Resolve Rooter to learn more information. We work in towns like Media, our staff is trained to work on all types of water heaters, and we provide free estimates so that you’ll know your options before proceeding. Intelligent water heater technology is designed to protect your home from damage. Call us today and let us help you set it up!

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