Morris Plains, NJ Water Line: Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

Are you tired of turning on your faucet and having a dribble of water come out? Low water pressure can be incredibly frustrating. Contact the Morris Plains, NJ water line experts at Resolve Rooter if you’re interested in having your water lines inspected and repaired. We wanted to help out our community so we thought it would be a good idea to put together some of the most common causes of low water pressure.

Hard Water

If your home has hard water all it means is that there are excess minerals in your water. The water that we get from our utility travels to the water treatment plant through many miles of rocks and sediments. Along the way it can pick up a variety of minerals. While the water treatment plant does purify the water and make it safe to drink, those minerals can still remain. Over time, they can build up inside your water line and form a blockage which will lower your water pressure.

Water Leak

Another common cause of low water pressure is a leak. Your water line system is pressurized in order to deliver water into your home. If you have a leak then that pressure is lost and you might not get as much water delivered into your home. Contact the Morris Plains, NJ water line repair plumbers at Resolve Rooter. We can use our advanced equipment to find the leak in your home and fix it fast.

Clogged Fixture

While hard water can clog up your water line, it can also build up in the fixtures themselves. This commonly happens with showerheads and sink faucet. If your shower isn’t delivering as much water as it once did you may need to replace it or clean it out.

For all your Morris Plains, NJ water line repair and replacement needs contact the friendly plumbers at Resolve Rooter.

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