Which Types of Trees Cause The Most Problems With Their Roots?

Most homeowners don’t realize that tree roots are actually one of the most common causes of Eastern Pennsylvania sewer line repair and replacement. As your trees and plants send roots down to look for water they can invade your sewer line and water line as well. This causes terrible clogs and it also can cause incredible damage to your pipes as well. At Resolve Rooter, we wanted to put together a quick list of some of the plants and trees with the most destructive root systems. Give us a call if you’re having any problems with your home’s plumbing system or if you need sewer line repair and replacement.

Trees and Plants with Destructive Roots

Trees are a beautiful addition to any home landscaping project. Not only to they add shade to your house but they can also be used to give your home more privacy. But it is hard to avoid root issues with most trees simply because they need to extend their root systems as they go. For the most part, you can tell how far a root system extends by the growth of the top of the tree. Wherever the canopy extends to, the roots are likely to be just a little further out from there.

But there are some trees whose root systems are more aggressive than others.

  • Willows – Willow trees are a great source of shade and also are terrific for privacy because of their impenetrable branches and leaves. But for the most part, most species of willow trees have very aggressive roots. It is thought that because the willow tree’s natural environment is moist and nutrient-rich that it instinctively sends roots out as far as it can in order to get as much water as possible.
  • Poplars – These types of trees are tall and provide plenty of shade and privacy for your home. However, they also have aggressive root systems that can cause incredible damage to your plumbing system and also to your driveway or any sidewalks on your property.
  • Oak trees – Another type of tree that offers great shade, beauty and privacy is the oak. However, it sends out roots that can tear up your driveway and also clog up your pipes.
  • Ivy – This is a type of plant that is very common throughout the United States. However, it can grow incredibly fast and clog up sewer lines very quickly.

Signs You Need Eastern Pennsylvania Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Make sure that you watch for the following signs that can indicate you need Eastern Pennsylvania sewer line repair and replacement.

  • Multiple clogged drains
  • Soggy patches of ground
  • Smell of sewage

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