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Burlington, NJ Plumbing, Drain, Sewer & HVAC Services by Resolve Rooter

For over 35 years, Resolve Rooter has served its customers with quality service for the community. We understand the needs of both homes and businesses for excellent plumbing work and well–maintained drains and sewers. Whether you need new installations or repairs, we are glad to provide our skilled services to take care of the job. In addition to our work with plumbing, we also install, repair, and maintain heating and cooling systems that will help you keep your household comfortable throughout the beautiful seasons here in Burlington. Call us any time: we offer 24–hour emergency service.

We Provide Comprehensive Plumbing Services

Our plumbers at Resolve Rooter are committed to providing a complete range of services for residential plumbing to meet every homeowner’s needs. There is no job to large or too small for our trained team to tackle: contact us for leak detection, whole–house repiping, low–flow toilet installation, sump pump and well pump installation, or anything else your home may require for great plumbing.

We Install and Service Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing

Keeping the plumbing in your bathroom and kitchen working its best is essential for getting through many daily tasks. Do not rely on anyone except the most experienced plumbers when you need upgrades, replacements, or repairs for bathroom and kitchen plumbing. We offer full services to install and repair the plumbing for these important rooms. Call us to find out more about our bathroom and kitchen plumbing services.

We Offer Emergency Plumbing Repair Services

You cannot afford to wait when an emergency plumbing problem strikes. When water starts to spout from a busted pipe, a toilet begins to leak, or your sink drains develop impossibly tough clogs, pick up the phone and call for emergency plumbing repair services from Resolve Rooter. The longer you wait, the greater the damage will become, and the more problems your home will face.

We Service and Install Water Softeners

Homes in New Jersey can sometimes suffer from high mineral content coming into the plumbing through the municipal supply. This condition is called "hard water," and although it rarely poses any danger to your health, it does pose danger to your plumbing and can lead to numerous issues. To counteract hard water, our plumbers can install a whole–house water softener onto your plumbing system. Call us to find out more about our service for water softeners.

We Offer Trenchless Technology

If your old sewer line breaks, or the water line bringing in fresh water needs replacement, you should call Resolve Rooter and arrange for work from our trenchless technology experts. This modern lateral digging technique allows trained plumbers to repair and replace underground water and sewer lines without tearing open the ground and spending days removing the older pipes. We can handle your water and sewer line work in a few hours and leave your property almost untouched thanks to trenchless technology.

We Offer Electrical Conduit Installation

Do you have outbuildings like a barn or a toolshed that either has no electrical power or needs to draw its power from a generator? With our help, you can extend the power from the electrical system that runs your home out to these buildings without placing hazardous and ugly cables above ground. Using trenchless technology, our team can install electrical conduits under the ground. Contact us today to find out more about electrical conduit installation.

We Provide Drain and Sewer Services

People are often unaware of how important the drain and sewer systems of their homes are—until something goes wrong with them. For the proper care of these important parts of your house, turn to the professionals at Resolve Rooter. We offer full drain and sewer services, including thorough drain cleaning and sewer line replacement. We put the best technology to work on each job we do.

We Provide Drain Cleaning Services

Whether you have a clogged drain or you wish to schedule regular drain cleaning, we can provide the services necessary. At Resolve Rooter, we use a variety of methods to clean out the clogging and build–up that can occur throughout your home’s drains: drain snakes, high–pressure water jetting, and video pipe inspections. Arrange for routine drain cleaning services with us, or call on us when you have a clogged drain emergency.

We Service and Install Water Heaters

Many daily routines in your home would be difficult—if not impossible—without hot water available whenever you need it. For new water heater installation, or for services to keep your current water heater supplying you with the amount of hot water your household requires, call our team today. We also provide emergency service for waters heaters for those times when your home’s taps suddenly run cold.

We Service and Install Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

New Jersey enjoys all four seasons. But that also means your home needs to be prepared for temperature extremes during the year with a well–functioning heater and air conditioner. Resolve Rooter installs and services heating and air conditioning systems to make sure that your household remains comfortable no matter the time of year. Please do not attempt to install or repair one of these systems on your own: let our experts handle the job and get it done fast and right the first time.

We Service and Install Air Conditioners

A warm summer in Burlington is beautiful, but to fully enjoy the hottest days of the year requires your home have an air conditioner that is up to the job of keeping your household cool. If you need air conditioning service to get a failing system back in shape, or if you are ready for a new installation of an air conditioner, give our cooling experts a call.

Do You Need Furnace or Boiler Repair?

It’s important that you never try to make furnace or boiler repair in your home a "do–it–yourself" project. Only professionals can perform furnace and boiler repair safely and effectively. When your winter comfort is in jeopardy from a malfunctioning heating system, pick up the phone and contact the staff at Resolve Rooter, any time of the day or night.

Do You Need Heat Pump Installation or Repair?

If you are interested in having the dual–comfort power of a heat pump—which provides both warmth and cooling in one unit—for your home, let our professionals take care of the work of finding the right system for you and installing it so that you receive many years of quality comfort. We are also available for heat repair whenever you need it.

We Provide Commercial Plumbing Services

Our experience at Resolve Rooter extends to providing quality commercial plumbing services. We can install new piping for your company, perform thorough drain cleaning, replace your commercial grade water heater and other appliances, and many other services. Call us to find out more about what we can do for your business. You can reach us any time for residential and commercial plumbing service, as well as for your home’s heating and air conditioning needs.

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