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Medford, NJ Plumbing, Drain, Sewer & HVAC Services by Resolve Rooter

Because of its position as a prominent Philadelphia suburb, Medford is an excellent place to live as well as to visit. As a resident, you deserve to have the best quality of life in your home possible. Our team at Resolve Rooter is committed to helping you with your needs for quality plumbing, drain, and sewer services. We also install and service heating and air conditioning. Additionally, our professional plumbers are skilled with working on commercial plumbing, so give us a call if your business needs quality plumbing installation and repairs.

We Provide Comprehensive Plumbing Services

No matter what you need for your home’s plumbing, you can trust that the skilled staff at Resolve Rooter can deliver it. We handle repiping, installation of sump pumps, water softener installation, and detection and repair of slab leaks. Our comprehensive plumbing services will make sure that you have the highest quality plumbing for your home.

We Install and Service Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing

The bathrooms in your home use more water than any other place in the house, and it is important that you keep their plumbing up–to–date and in excellent repair. The same goes for your kitchen plumbing, which undergoes an enormous amount of stress every day. Our plumbers install and service bathroom and kitchen plumbing that will fill any need you have, whether repairs for leaks, installation of low–flow toilets, or replacing a sink. Call us to learn more about our immense range of services.

We Offer Emergency Plumbing Repair Services

A plumbing emergency doesn’t necessarily mean you should panic. If you have a 24–hour emergency plumbing repair service ready to go to work for you, you should have the trouble resolved in no time at all. Resolve Rooter has plumbers ready around the clock for emergency plumbing repair services. Call us right away before the plumbing problems can worsen.

We Service and Install Sump Pumps

A sump pump is designed to move standing water in a basement or crawlspace out into the standard wastewater system. If your home has suffered from flooding or excess water due to a high water table, then you should have plumbing professionals install a sump pump. Contact our experienced plumbers today if you need service or installation of a sump pump.

We Offer Trenchless Technology

The standard way to replace damaged sewer or water lines for homes is to use large digging equipment that tears open deep trenches in order to access the pipes. This process can take days and destroys parts of the yard around the house. However, if you contact Resolve Rooter for this work, you’ll receive the benefit of trenchless technology that will leave your property virtually intact and requires only a few hours to complete.

We Offer Trenchless Pipe Replacement

To replace a pipe using trenchless technology, our experienced technicians use hydraulics, pipe liners, and pipe bursters to substitute a new pipe for the old one without any major excavation across your property. Not all plumbing companies have the equipment and training necessary for trenchless pipe replacement, but you will find the skilled team you need at Resolve Rooter.

We Provide Drain and Sewer Services

The drains and sewer system in your home are responsible for the clean removal of the wastewater from around your house out to the municipal sewer system. You need to make sure that they work properly, and the professional services from Resolve Rooter will help. Our plumbers offer the drain and sewer services you need, which include sewer and water line replacement, new installations, and high pressure water jetting.

We Provide Drain Cleaning Services

If your home is having continual problems with slow drains and drain clogs, you should contact plumbers for drain cleaning services. Even if you are experiencing routine drain difficulties, a regular drain cleaning can help keep your plumbing efficient and free from many problems. Contact us today to schedule excellent drain cleaning services.

We Service and Install Water Heaters

A home’s water heater performs a tremendous amount of work, although homeowners often don’t realize how important it is until the system fails. Resolve Rooter repairs and maintains water heaters. We have emergency repair services available for whenever your hot water gives out. Contact us for new water heater installation as well.

We Service and Install Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

The HVAC system in your home is vital for keeping you and your family comfortable during the full four seasons that we enjoy here. Resolve Rooter, along with our great plumbing work, also supplies services for heating and air conditioning systems that include installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance work. Call us today to schedule HVAC service.

We Service and Install Air Conditioners

You can live your summers to the fullest with the help of an effective air conditioning system. Our cooling specialists will locate, size, and install the ideal central air conditioning to keep your home pleasant no matter how hot it grows outside. They will also take care of the air conditioner services that will keep your AC running smoothly and without wasting energy.

Do You Need Furnace or Boiler Repair?

Few heating systems can beat a furnace or a boiler when it comes to providing the warmth to make it through a New Jersey winter. But when either a heater or a boiler begins to malfunction, it’s time to call on professionals to look into the problem and handle the necessary repairs. Don’t try to fix the trouble yourself: call us at the first sign of heating issues and we will deliver you excellent furnace or boiler repair.

Do You Need Heat Pump Installation?

The marvel of the heap pump is that it provides heating and cooling using the same energy–efficient method: moving heat from one place to another. Are you interested in a heat pump installation for your home? Call Resolve Rooter and let our experienced HVAC technicians take on the job and get it done right the first time. We will select the right unit for your home’s needs.

We Provide Commercial Plumbing Services

We offer more than residential plumbing. Resolve Rooter also handles a wide range of commercial plumbing services, from installations to repairs. If you need a new industrial water heater, require cleaning for a commercial sewer system, or have need for extensive repiping to bring your building up to current codes, give us a call. We are here for all your requirements for plumbing—both for homes and businesses—as well as residential HVAC services.

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